Half Point Monsters?

A fan points to a new “bug” that’s actually beneficial to players.

100% of my games in the past week or two have had a weird bug happening. i’ve noticed that about every 1 in 5 mobs i run into already has part of their hp reduced before i even attack them. i’ve had many friends notice the same thing too. anyone else noticing this? any idea why/how this is happening? and has blizz commented on the issue?
Grimiku: Thank you for posting about this! We’ve also noticed this issue while we were playing and looked into it. We found there was a bug (mostly with DiabloWikiMonster Power) where monster hit points were not always scaling correctly when they spawned and resulted in creatures running around with less than maximum health without anyone or anything having damaged them. We plan to fix this issue in a future patch, but since it’s not a critical bug we don’t have an ETA to share just yet.

Have you guys seen this? I haven’t noticed, but my MP+ play has been almost entirely with a Demon Hunter, so I’m damaging things long before I hover to see their hit points, and hardly ever actually hover on anything other than the last boss in a group. In fact, as I think about it, hardly any Diablo 3 classes or builds actually target the enemies before attacking. Certainly not Wizards or Witch Doctors, and even most Barbs are just playing ridiculous “run past and kill them with dust devils” style these days. Which leaves um… well just Monks, I guess?

So, any complaints about Bliz being slow to fix a bug that’s beneficial to players? Or is it just the “bad” bugs that the haters come out to condemn with vitriol?

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17 thoughts on “Half Point Monsters?

  1. This has been happening on and off for me for about 3 weeks now. Act, MP level, class, etc. don’t seem to matter.

    I submitted multiple bug reports and so on, and never got a reply, but at least they’re acknowledging it now.

    It’s not a “critical” bug but it’s definitely pretty sloppy on their part, especially with how widespread it is. You’d think their QA would be able to catch something that seems to appear constantly, but I guess not.

  2. I’m with you. Normally play demon hunter and try to get in some damage while things are practically off-screen.

    I have recently started using Evasive Fire + Covering Fire as my primary and it works well in this mode. Anybody else? It is like a mini-multishot that *generates* 4 Hatred per shot.

    • I used it for a while, but didn’t like it. I remember it having a shorter range than Hungering Arrow, lower single target DPS and a backflip that did more harm than good.

      Granted, this was before they buffed both the DH and CC effects, so it might be worthwhile now. Then again, an AoE secondary is best paired with a single target primary, so if you’re running Multishot like I then Hungering Arrow will still be the more attractive skill.

      • I really like Hungering Arrow, but I found in public games or MP > 0 I was getting mobbed too often. I am not doing enough damage to take down groups one at a time before they reach me. Firing three shots at a time, while generating a bit more Hatred per shot, let’s me survive long enough to fill up the Hatred bulb and get back to spamming my spender.

        • Try Bola Shot – Thunder Ball.

          IMO, Devouring Arrow, Spray of Teeth, or Thunder Ball are the way to go, depending on the situation, but obviously your mileage and/or preferences may vary.

  3. I had always assumed the mobs had been fighting with some NPC and won the battle, or something. Oh well, one mystery less to worry about.

  4. Been happening to me for the last 2 weeks now.. It appeared after a maintenance.. Nothing to hassle over.

  5. didn’t even notice it, figured they were just taking damage from my attacks.

    now that i reflect yes.i noticed it now

  6. I see that often but I usually think that maybe fireball from ringproc went there and did that dmg, never paying attention so that was my explanation 🙂

  7. i noticed it, but it only seemed to be happening when wearing my carving knife and mojo set (manajumas and gore something fetch), but i kept it quiet because i imagined it to be a particular advantage i had… guess i was wrong… im pretty sure i tested it with and without wearing the set… just not very extensively…

  8. Another odd thing is the mysterious piles of gold I sometimes find laying around randomly deep in dungeons during solo games. I didn’t kill whatever that was so I wonder what did.

    • Re: Aug’s post, I’ve seen this several times. I swapped over from my dull DH to my newer grossly-OP WW barb a few weeks ago. I am not sure I recall seeing so many random piles of gold or half-dead monsters as a DH. On my barb, I notice it often. Then again, there’s so much going on while I whirl around that I find myself paying much more attention to just where all the hit-point bars are on my screen than actually focusing on the enemies.

      Basically, when I’m in full sprint/Wrath/zoom-zoom mode, I am kind of unfocused on anything but all the HP bars, just looking for the most efficient angle to keep whirling along merrily. So I think it’s only now that I notice when some new mob on the untouched edge of my screen has half HP, or I see a random gold pile in the middle of nowhere.

      I should say that I feel like I almost always see the gold piles specifically near the start of a level, a screen or so from the WP. My whirler and my enchantress would have had no chance to kill them at that point.

  9. I noticed this and was puzzled at first, but then I thought it was cuz my DH was shooting bolas or evasive shots off into the outlying areas and hitting things before I got there… but it could be this MP thing, I suppose… I will have to try not shooting anything and just wander around and see if it is the same.

  10. Been seeing this a while. I think it may happen when you change mp between games. Its great when it happens – basically you get mp4 monsters that drop like mp5!

  11. Been noticing this on my monk. I just thought it was from Tornados zapping stuff I wasn’t payting attention to or was off screen for me.

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