Guide: Multishot – The Speedfarming Demon Hunter

diablo 3 guide - multishot speedfarming demon hunter

Dethklok’s DiabloWikiMultishot (db) guide might, at first, not sound like an optimal build for a Demon Hunter but it’s proving to be a credible candidate for best build for quickly beating weaker content and for loot gathering.

He has pretty unusual keybindings with DiabloWikiVault on his left mouse button! I can see that taking some retraining to break the habit of firing with that button. He explains why it works though. Speaking of Vault, when 1.0.5 hit he didn’t jump (pun intended) like a lot of us to DiabloWikiTumble (db) but stuck with DiabloWikiTrail of Cinders (db) but DiabloWikiPreparation (db) and his choice of Legendary items means lack of Discipline doesn’t become an issue.

As well as discussion on the skills and offering variations he goes over the pros and cons of the build, the items you should look for, the recommended MP level to farm with, as well as a discussion on how each of the DiabloWikiFollowers work with this build.

To top if all off he has included four videos with commentary each dealing with a different aspect of the build.

Here’s his skill set up below as a quick overview but check out his Multishot Speedfarming Demon Guide for the full picture.


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    13 thoughts on “Guide: Multishot – The Speedfarming Demon Hunter

    1. This is a really good guide! Dethklok convinced me that a windforce is not great for multishot and I should switch to a rare xbow.

      I hope that he does more guides in the future. Maybe a stun/trap build using bola shot (thunder ball), spike trap (echoing blast) and caltrops (bait the trap) build?

    2. Elly’s Back! WOOT! WOOT!

      Its been so long without Elly on the podcast, I’m getting to believe you don’t care about us anymore.

      Come on Elly! I want an Elly only podcast. Make it happen flux or I’ll…start a petition!

      Elly1 Elly! Elly!
      (Everyone start chanting)

          • Nope, don’t drink coffee – disgusting. I love my diet coke however.

            Fine, you’ve been “around”. Doesn’t change the fact your absent isn’t felt on the podcast.

            I’m sure a hundred members are going to correct me but the last time you and flux had any comments on DIII was WAY back during a live video-cast on opening day. Sense then, silence, nothing, a black hole of comments from the founder (do I have to include Flux…) of the best fansite for DIII. (Kiss ass…Dator)

            I’m not knocking the other regular/guest podcasters but you can’t be any worse. I don’t care if the podcast is going to be nothing but a re-hash of the last 6 months, that just means a very long podcast (so she said…).

            Make it happen Flux because I’m collecting petition signatures at a exponential rate. Continue chanting folks, its working.


    3. Darkmere,

      I’m confused, its creepiest because Elly’s showed her face again or that I’ll start a petition? LOL.

      Its true, petitions are creepy…state secession anyone?

      • I suspect it has something to do with the high level of excitement caused by elly’s “return”…

    4. Does anyone know the current proc coefficients on all the DH skills? I quit playing my DH when Blizzard obliterated the Tank DH build. I’ve tried dusting her off a couple of times after 1.0.5 came out, but I cannot find any threads/google-hits (sites with links I’m willing to click on) with current info. In other words, everything I find is outdated, pre-obliteration info.

      I know I’ll never get back to pre-obliteration, but I’d like to try things out with what remains of life-on-hit procs for DH’s. Any help will be appreciated.

    5. I know it’s probably not the time, but it is definitely the place for it.

      I am sick and tired of seeing “DH Speed farming” this and “Wiz A3 speed farm” that, or “2 million DPS barb”. It is as if there are only three characters in the damn game.

      Those who rolled a monk or WD first have had to re-roll a DH, wiz or barb just to get a look at decent loot.

      The balance sucks. And don’t bother posting a link to a 100 million gold build. For every one of those characters there are 10 more in the mighty triad of OP characters that can do the same with self found gear.

      • Multishot is one of the underrated skills in the DH arsenal, im actually using it extensively in my regular speed farming sessions, mainly for Disc regeneration from Suppression fire and pretty descent damage and Life leech when Gloom is on. But to have the hatred needed for it, you need to have a VERY fast attack speed, around 2~ias. So using the all-time favorite Manticore is not for this build IMO, unless you can one shot monsters with it in lower MP level. Aside from being speedy damager, you can vault your way throughout the map, with a descent disc pool of around 40~ and replenishing it with MS/SF. Bola Shot/Thunderball is great generator to compliment this, they explode when you multishot = appear to be like you one shotted the mobs.

    6. One thing with these guides, as well as with WoW build guides, that I wish was included is strategies/tips from level 1 getting to level 60. I always found that really helpful with the old DII guides, especially since I’m not a super-good player that knows how to speed level.

      I’ll definitely be interested in trying this build though.

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