Thus far in their public comments, the D3 Team has hardly touched on the issue of PvP in D3: they’ve said it’s an important part of the game, and that it will not be non-consensual, and that they’re trying out a lot of different ideas, but they’ve given us no concrete details yet. I think it’s likely they don’t have concrete details to give, at this early stage of development

    Into that void steps today’s guest article.

    This piece, by Sepi, discusses some key elements of the D2 PvP experience, then moves on to discuss how PvP might be improved/evolved in D3.  It covers ladders, ranks, titles, rewards, PvP arenas, death penalties, and more. Click through to read on, and join the conversation in the comments, and/or by visiting our D3 PvP/PK Forum.

    Diablo PVP: The Past, Present, and Future

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