Guest Article: Diablo III Loot Source/Type Breakdown, Part II

A couple of weeks ago site reader Varquynne wrote a guest article that documented every single drop of items, gold, potions, and more in a full playthrough of the Diablo III beta. In addition to his write up, he created an awesome infographic that tallied up everything in pie charts and such. Like most of you guys, I found that feature very interesting, and today’s follow up improves on that one enormously.

This time Varquynne ran a full playthrough, using single target attacks (no AoE) so he could keep track of exactly what dropped and where, and put all those figures into Tableau Software, a sort of infographic script generator. That program turned all that data into an interactive series of charts and graphs, which you can play with to get an amazing level of detail about pretty much everything. How many chests, monsters, barrels/urns, champions, what every one of them dropped, how much gold per stack, in what levels everything was found, total items and gold in each level, monster and barrel density ratings, total ground covered by the game levels, and much more.

You see the script below; be sure you’ve got enabled if you run a script blocker, and use the tabs on top of the application to cycle through the multiple pages, each of which has numerous interactive counters and charts and tables. It’s an amazing amount of data and gives you a whole new impression of what’s most valuable to clear (or not) in Diablo III.

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19 thoughts on “Guest Article: Diablo III Loot Source/Type Breakdown, Part II

  1. I knew my estimates were right about gold drops. Keep hitting those barrels and chests people. 🙂

    Thanks for the amazing analysis Varquynne.

    • [quote]
      I knew my estimates were right about gold drops. Keep hitting those barrels and chests people.
      Thanks for the amazing analysis Varquynne.
      You did read the analysis page right?
      It says 2.7 gold per barrel/urn on average.
      And 118g per special chest on average,  9.9 per interactive on average.
      Less in every way than a normal mob. Which are easier/faster to find and kill usually. – and thus more time efficient to hunt.

  2. This is a great analysis!

    One thing I might suggest, though, is doing loot over time for each section. While the “where loot comes from” is good to know, if people are looking to maximize their gold-per-minute ratio, they’ll be looking to for ways to maximize their gold accrual per-click to be most efficient.

    The loot density topographical maps will be really helpful for that, but I think it would be interesting to see a graph timeline showing the peaks and valleys of when players might find the most loot.

    I know it’s random spawn, but an average of playthroughs would give us a good idea of where it’s best to farm.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, Nizaris!  Once I get some time stamp information for my data set, I’ll try different ways of visualizing what you’re suggesting.  Just wish the data collection phase were a bit faster.

  3. I’m kinda hoping the numbers ultimately conclude that my time is better spent killing monsters than bustiMF open every container in sight. We shall see!

    • It was done manually.  

      starrise had suggested in the comments for the other article that there may be ways to gather the information through image segmentation (which would need to be done on ~100,000-200,000 frames for a beta playthrough).  I’m not sure how doable that is, as I think rapid textual information extraction from images/videos is still a bit tricky in general.

      Then again, this type of information could probably be logged (if it isn’t already) through the game client.  That may be server side.  I don’t know.  I’d be quite interested if anyone could shed any light on these aspects.

  4. Awesome work, can’t wait to see the results when the whole game ships, taking into account that whole rare pack MF buff business.

  5. “be sure you’ve got enabled if you run a script blocker”
    I’m sure not many can appreciate this, but thanks for that, I hate going through the list trying to figure out which I’m missing (and making sure it’s trusted).

  6. Just think Blizzard shitting their pants and going “are they really going to put our game under such a focus?!”
    I bet the ones learning most about Diablo 3 in the following months after release will be from Blizzard themselves.

  7. Holy Apoc Staff Batman.  This is amazing.  We over here at Tableau are all going nuts over it (especially those of us that occupy the Data-Nerd/Gamer quadrant of life’s proverbial scatter plot).

    • I’m happy to hear that you liked it. 🙂

      Thanks to all the people at Tableau for making such an awesome data visualization package! 

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