A couple of weeks ago site reader Varquynne wrote a guest article that documented every single drop of items, gold, potions, and more in a full playthrough of the Diablo III beta. In addition to his write up, he created an awesome infographic that tallied up everything in pie charts and such. Like most of you guys, I found that feature very interesting, and today’s follow up improves on that one enormously.

    This time Varquynne ran a full playthrough, using single target attacks (no AoE) so he could keep track of exactly what dropped and where, and put all those figures into Tableau Software, a sort of infographic script generator. That program turned all that data into an interactive series of charts and graphs, which you can play with to get an amazing level of detail about pretty much everything. How many chests, monsters, barrels/urns, champions, what every one of them dropped, how much gold per stack, in what levels everything was found, total items and gold in each level, monster and barrel density ratings, total ground covered by the game levels, and much more.

    You see the script below; be sure you’ve got tableausoftware.com enabled if you run a script blocker, and use the tabs on top of the application to cycle through the multiple pages, each of which has numerous interactive counters and charts and tables. It’s an amazing amount of data and gives you a whole new impression of what’s most valuable to clear (or not) in Diablo III.

    Powered by Tableau

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