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    Americas Top 1000 in 3.5 hours.

    Americas Top 1000 in 3.5 hours.

    a nice article with some tips on how you should prepare to Season, and what you should do in the early going with your new twinkless wonder of a hero.

    As we saw in the earlier news, lots of players used some bounty exploits to reach level 70 in an hour or two, and in less than 12 hours all the Conquests for the First 1000 to Reach level 70 on US and EU, HC and SC, were maxed out. But if that flavor of cheese is not for you and you’d like to play the game for real, Rankil’s tips should prove useful.

    Guest Article: Diablo 3 Season Level Up Tips

    Diablo 3 Pre-Season Conquest Preparation

    Looking to be competitive in the upcoming conquests for seasonal characters? Here’s a few tips and tricks for each category on how you can maximize your gains and cement yourself in the elite 1000 to be forever immortalized on the conquest leaderboards!

    1-70 Leveling Conquest: First and foremost, make sure you have adventure mode unlocked in non-ladder before you create a seasonal character. Adventure mode being unlocked for seasons at level 1 is determined by your non-season progress. If you’re making the softcore to hardcore switch for seasons, find a community member who can create the campaign quest to kill malthael for you. You only need to kill Malthael to unlock adventure mode, so there is no need to complete the game in story mode.

    Click through for the rest of this guest article.

    One bonus item to have: You should kill the Skeleton King in your 20’s to get a shot at Leoric’s Crown which doubles the effect of a ruby in your helm. The helm drops at level 15, but I forget what level you can start rolling sockets in helms (pretty sure it used to be 15 but now it’s 17 or 19) so that’s why I say getting it in your 20’s guarantees the socket chance as the helm is worthless without a socket.

    Bar none, the best way to level 1-70 at the start of a season is to abuse the fast leveling method with “no kill” quests on Torment 6 difficulty. Torment 6 might not directly apply to hardcore, but the same quests can be done on lower difficulties (T1-T4) to reduce the chance of death. The top “no kill” quests right now are; Miser’s Will in act 5, Miner’s Gold in act 2, Jar of Souls and Matriarch’s Bones in act 1. Doing the T6 rush method, you need to pick invulnerability/mitigation skills and passives, movement speed and gear strictly for EHP alone, no damage required. Rinse and repeat these quests over and over and I have got to level 70, solo, in under 2 hours on PTR with this method. To make it even easier, have a group of you and 3 friends creating games looking for Miner’s gold quests as you can get a bounty reward with the quest to double dip the XP bonus.

    For those who want to level up the old fashioned way, Diablo community member Rhykker has a 10 tips video up on YouTube. In a nut shell… highest red gem in helm/weapon, mainstat/vit/xp gear, stick to bounties to maximize your XP.

    Paragon 100 Conquest

    The same rules from 1-70 apply for doing the Paragon 100 race. The best method will be spamming T6 “no kill bounties”. For those who want to kill monsters, you can accomplish this the best by doing rifts. Bonus XP gems in your helm can help out as well as crafting a Hellfire ring.

    Torment 6 Malthale/Uber Diablo Kills

    These fights are not much of a challenge if you gear specifically for them. Since both Malthael and Uber Diablo have no enrage timers, all you need to gear for is enough EHP to survive attacks (more for HC to not die) and then invest time. The additional requirement for uber keys is needed to kill Uber Diablo. However, the system allows you to craft the specific machine to open the Uber Diablo portal, so you only need to farm keys to make one machine.

    Clearing act 1-5 in less than 1 hour

    All classes are capable of completing this conquest. The obvious thing to focus on is movement speed. This conquest can be done solo, but doing it in a group of 4 is best to minimize running into dead ends when you are searching for the next level/area. Every class can take advantage of the new seasonal belt that gives you a movement speed boost when you do not take damage, but there are some more specific tactics for each class listed below:

    • Barbarian – Focus on fury generation, sprint, war cry belt, speed boost frenzy.
    • Demon Hunter – Vault with Danetta’s set is the easiest to do this, could even be done without the set.
    • Crusader – Stacking CDR with lord commander helps to perma horse and is all you need.
    • Monk – Dashing strike with speed boost and jawbreaker, fleet footed passive, WotHF Blazing Fist rune, Fists of Thunder teleport.
    • Witch Doctor – Fierce loyalty, spirit walk, triumph off-hand.
    • Wizard – Teleport wand is your best bet. Wizards lack a lot of mobility skills outside of teleport and the scramble rune on storm armor when you get hit.

    Anyone has other useful tips? Don’t be fooled by the level 70s in an hour — most players don’t have all Friday night to level up, and lots of players will be leaping into the new season over the weekend and in the coming weeks as well. Enjoy.

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