Fans have been asking if Diablo will continue to drop a guaranteed legendary item in Reaper of Souls, if he’s (she’s?) farmed after a Reset Quests click. No, but Malthael will. There’s more detail in the Blue post:

    There’s a lot of new information out there regarding Bonus Legendary items, Quest Reset, and First Kill drops, and it certainly raises a lot of questions. I made a post a little while back that helps clarify some of these points, so I’m going to quote it below to help spread the word.

    First Kill Legendary Items

    • These will drop for characters from levels 1-59.
    • They will only drop from end of Act bosses (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo, and eventually Malthael).
    • Characters below level 11 are unlikely to find Legendary items, because they have a minimum level requirement. Currently there are no Legendary items available below level 11.
    • Using the Reset Quest feature will reset the First Kill Legendary Item drops as well, but only for characters in the appropriate level range.
    • Reset Quest Bonus Legendary
    • Skeleton King dropping a Bonus Legendary was a bug that has been corrected, as it was not intended. We liked the idea, though, so we’ve gone ahead and added a Bonus Legendary to Diablo.
    • These are an intended bonus for maximum level characters. Currently there is a bug that allows characters levels 1-59 to receive a Bonus Legendary item in addition to the First Kill Legendary item when they kill Diablo, but this is not intended.
    • The Bonus Legendary is only available if you use the Reset Quest feature.
    • We plan on moving the Bonus Legendary to Malthael for players level 61+ when the expansion arrives. Additionally, Diablo will no longer drop a Bonus Legendary for players level 61+.

    As a veteran of the Reaper of Souls beta test, I find it hard to imagine anyone bothering to Reset Quests and play through 5 acts to get a guaranteed legendary drop from Malthael. You can get many more legendaries by doing Bounties or Rifts, and once you get used to the speed and variety and goals offered by Adventure Mode it’s just about impossible to play through the acts in order, with all the dead time moving between quests, talking to NPCs, etc. So sure, cool that this Reset Quests option exists, but few will be the fans who take advantage of it.

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