Guaranteed Legendary Drops in Diablo 3

The issue keeps coming up in clan chat, so I figure it’s worth quoting another Blue on the issue, since the rules changed again earlier this week with the 2.0.3 patch.

No longer guaranteed.
No longer guaranteed.

I just defeated the SK in HC for the first time and did not get a legend. has this been changed or bugged?
This has, indeed, been changed, but it also depends on what level you are.

Players who are 1-59 will find that the first time they kill an end Act boss (Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, or Diablo), they will receive a Legendary. Players who are level 60 will receive a Legendary upon defeating Diablo. If you have already defeated Diablo and are not receiving a Legendary, using the “Reset Quests” option will allow you receive this bonus again! However, be aware that you are required to complete every main story quest in the campaign in order to use this option. This also works for resetting the first-time kills from 1-59.

Hope that clears things up!

The guaranteed legendary from Leoric was (apparently) always a bug. So when the last patch fixed his guaranteed drop after a Reset Quests, it also took away that first guaranteed orange for low level characters. Maybe Blizzard should have left it on Leoric, with a low level requirement? Say below 15 your first Leoric is a guaranteed shiny? Oh well, you’ll find plenty of others as you level, and anything you find at lvl 15 is outgrown by 20 or 25 anyway.

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13 thoughts on “Guaranteed Legendary Drops in Diablo 3

  1. Diablo 3 doesnt give you a target, Diablo 3 gives you a dart and a blindfold. This is the biggest problem with drops and motivation to play in general.

    What diablo is missing is a target to go after. You have to rely on RNG to get legendary drops. There is no motivation to farm because you have no target.

    The targets in this game needs to be all the final bosses of each act. If you knew you would get a legendary by the time you beat an act, you would feel much more motivated to play the game.

    With this type of system i think they should make it where you can reset individual acts instead of resetting the entire story. Say you chose to reset act 2 you could start at the beginning of act 2 and work your way to the boss and be rewarded at the end.

    As it is now no one is going to reset the quests to run through the entire story just for that 1 legendary drop at Diablo. That sounds tediously boring and destroys the motivation to play.

    Its much funner playing darts with a target than playing darts blindfolded!

  2. 15 is too low, if you’re playing on the higher difficulties you’ll be 18, 20, or more by the time you reach him.

    1-59 would be fine, failing that 1-40 (for those crazies doing full T6 runs). Yes it will get outgrown fast, but didn’t the first A5 boss in that Crusader demon give one?

  3. I agree with some sort of motivation MephedOut. It likely will be sorted with RoS and its new Adventure mode/Bounties/Rifts. However I am worried that it might be a short extension of motivation and without some form of competition the carrot just isn’t orange enough to maintain that drive.

    • They seem to have the right idea now and they are planning more content for late game so I’m sure that will arive before I have 12 level 60’s and paragon 800+. ;p

  4. Having to go through A1-A4 to get one guaranteed legendary is chose with negative efficiency value. Honestly, if you are replaying all acts so you can get one Leg, you you waste your time. It is far better to go your favorite quest chains ör farm runs, and wait for RNG or timer drop you one Leg.

    • True, but this is just a distraction for D3v2. No one will care about this in RoS with Adventure Mode and Rifts to play. Especially if (when?) you’re required to do all of Act 5 as well before you Reset Quests. Or they move the guaranteed drop to Malty.

      I don’t think it’s worth it now, personally. I’d rather farm the juicy areas of A1 or A3 and maximize my exp gain than rush through the whole content, finding few items and spending most of the time rushing around, just for one guaranteed leg after 3 hours. Especially when lvl 60 legs are going to be garbage in less than 2 weeks.

      • Why do the admins of this site take it as a given that all players will purchase RoS the day of launch? Things to the effect of “no one will care about this [soon]” only help give a fanboy attempt at hiding the fact this was a nice patch, but is dangerously close to being too little, too late for D3C.

        Sure, many will, but there’ll be a large group of players who will wait on RoS, or might not even get it. Various reasons, like being burned by launch prices (and quality) of D3C, wanting to send Blizzard a message with their wallet, or not wanting to pay $40 for a content patch that is nowhere near being a $40 expansion. Personally, my own stance is a mix of the three, and I’ll wait a few months for WalMart or somewhere else to sell RoS for much less. Until then, I’ll enjoy the finally-enjoyable experience on D3C, which I paid way too much money at launch for, and spent too much time waiting to become a playable game.

  5. I think the assumption here is that because you’re on a Diablo fansite, you’re enough of a Diablo fan that you can’t contain yourself to wait on reviews when it’s just thirty of fifty bucks or whatever.

    I shamefully fall into this category, anyway.

    • A valid and reasonable point. I used to be a rabid fanboy such as yourself, pathfinder. There are likely a huge majority of fans who will purchase the game day one, but prerelease sales have shown there’s a bit of reluctance among fans.

      But after getting burned on D3C, I stopped playing. Would check back to this site for news updates, and was overjoyed at the news of the Version 2 patch. It’s been an amazing couple of weeks playing the game as it should have been for two years! D3C is actually functional and enjoyable as an entertaining game.

      There are a lot of reluctant fans. Ones who want to love the game and expansion, but who will not support Blizzard’s policy of overpriced, subpar launches. Especially with strong (and free) competition out there. These folks are not a majority admittedly, but there is probably a considerable number who will continue to check sites like this for news about the Diablo franchise and D3C.

      The content in D3C will not be irrelevant in a couple weeks to them. Hopefully the site admins can take that into consideration.

      • I haven’t really even played D3 very much, I have two 60s and paragon level 1 to give you an idea. I bought the expansion that I might never play, why? Because there is enough potential in D3, and because D2 warped my brain and still claims entire days/weeks of my life every time the ladder resets.

  6. I think people are forgetting something here:
    Saying going through ACT1 – ACT4 is a waste for just that 1 legendary are so wrong. Or are you guys forgetting that the chances of finding legendaries while you go through the acts are rather high!
    I find atleast 3 legendaries going through the acts and get a bonus one from diablo. I call that worth it.

    It sure beats farming the same boring spot over and over imo.
    Especially on my HC character, I much rather go through the acts then farm places, especially knowing I will get rewarded at the end

  7. IMO the one guaranteed leg after resetting the quest line is nowhere near enough to get me to play all the content again. If they wanted to there are very clear ways to go about making playing all the content something people want to do. The simplest way is to give you a quest reward list with 6-10 legs(w/ guaranteed 2-3 set items). That way you don’t go to all the trouble to get that leg that you already have 3 of setting in your inventory. Plus it would give people a way to potentially complete sets that are going to be very difficult to complete for the casual-average player.

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