Grift 29 Cleared by Enchantress

Amusing video of a player clearing Greater Rift 29 without firing a shot. All the killing is done by the Enchantress, and yes, it’s a Grift, so it gets done within 15 minutes.

It’s not about the Enchantress’ gear, though:

gear is actually irrelevant. Follower procs Magic Weapon:Ignite every hit until they burn til death, essentially they do 600%dps a hit or so, and maybe Toxins DoT too but they proc the wizard’s damage

Still, pretty funny with a Follower clearing a Rift most character’s can’t… Video below:

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  1. More like depressing……..

  2. Nerf incoming in 3…2…1…

  3. huh, for some reason I thought the enchantress could only wield 2-Handers…

    • I could be wrong here but I think that was originally the case but it was changed later on. I was caught by surprise when she could use 1-handed weapons also. Of course I could just be crazy and never noticed before.

      • ah, that would make sense. Because yeah, I'm almost positive that at one point she could only use 2-Handers. Shows how long it's been since I've bothered using anything other than the Templar, haha.

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