Grinding Gear Games Recap their GDC, Meet Jay Wilson and Max/Erich Schaefer

Last week the industry descended on the 2013 GDC in San Francisco, and as you know from the news here, Jay Wilson took part with his Diablo 3 postmortem. Also attending for the first time were Grinding Gear Games who were there on business but they also took time out to catch up with Jay Wilson (they talked about game design) and a couple of their gaming heroes Max and Erich Schaefer.

GGG’s Chris Wilson managed to snap a few pics of himself with Jay and the Schaefers at the event too and it sounds like they had a good time overall. You can read their full event recap on POE: IncGamers.

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  1. Grinding, not Giding. :/

  2. lol who on earth would wanna meet Fatty Wilson for other than tomato-ing him?

  3. Still those two game creators are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then those of poe

    In fact everything is better than poe !

    D3 >>>> TL II >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> poe

  4. What happened to my super “troll-y” comment on this topic from yesterday?! Was it deleted?

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