Blizzard’s DiabloWikiBob Colayco told Ars Technica that Greg Canessa (PopCap Games, Xbox Live Arcade) has joined Blizzard Entertainment to work on Battle.net 2.0.

    “He will report to our vice president of online technologies and work closely with the executive team to help fine-tune the next version of Battle.net, currently in development,” Blizzard’s Bob Colayco said.

    Now this is an interesting thought.  Someone with experience in Xbox Live Arcade and PopCap games now working on Battle.net 2.0 … hmm … Remeber GDC 2009? Rob Pardo criticized consoles for their lack of keyboard support?

    DiabloWikiRob Pardo: There are are so many games like we make at Blizzard that we don

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