Greed’s Domain: Through the Treasure Goblin Portal!

Greed’s Domain: Through the Treasure Goblin Portal!

A fan on the PTR found a new thing, when a Goblin he killed left an open portal to Greed’s Domain: Through the Treasure Goblin Portal! There are mega fat stacks of gold, chests galore, and even a boss fight with Greed himself, after which a gigantic golden chest is unlocked, from which this lucky guy scored two legendary items.

The guy who found it posted just a short note on Reddit, but he took a bunch of screens and they are delicious.

I found a treasure goblin on the PTR and killed it only to discover he spawned a portal. I clicked it and got transported to the Treasure Realm. It contained a BUNCH of gold, millions even. There is also a boss at the end that drops a chest which contained 2 legendary weapons for me.

Edit: The goblin was found while getting rift keystones in The Silver Spire Level 2

I kept out the two showing Greed himself, if you want to avoid viewing them because *SPOILERS*. They can be seen below. Hint: he’s fat!

Update: Here it is in action. Thanks to Stevan for putting the video together.

Undocumented Patch Changes – There is a thread in the community forum where undocumented 2.1 changes are being collected.

Here is another, much older video from 2012, with DiabloWikiAbd al-Hazirp talking about DiabloWikiGreed’s Domain.

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    14 thoughts on “Greed’s Domain: Through the Treasure Goblin Portal!

    1. Finally! I've been waiting for something like this. When I first played Diablo III I'd actually stop hacking and slashing the goblin and click on the portal, thinking I could jump in. Took me losing several goblins to realize… Ah, I have to kill them before they leap into the portal and I get rewarded for it. *facepalm*

    2. this looks awesome, i've always thought you should be able to go through the gobbys portal since the 1st time i saw one.
      it looks as if you can open the giant chest twice? interesting

    3. "Doing this without a full group should be a bannable offense.
      I can't wait for this."

      100% agree … if you don't have any friends … invite strangers to do this with you and then you will. (but, first make sure they kick ass);)

    4. 114million from T5!

      I wouldn't have to worry about making big gems on all my chars or rerolling those items that have gotten to 1m+

    5. i was positive about the rumor that one could perhaps enter through the tg-portal!
      thanks for verifying.

    6. I've been typing it that way repeatedly, when doing the wiki article or just saving screenshots. Gheed before need, and both before greed, apparently.

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