Greater Rifts, Paragon Leaderboards and Conquests

Greater Rifts, Paragon Leaderboards and Conquests

The recent Patch 2.1 preview blog by Blizzard has thrown up a few questions from the community which the Blizzard CM team have been busy answering. First up is Desolacer who asks if there are going to be a Paragon leaderboards.

diablo 3 leaderboards

Nope, not currently. There are no Leaderboards planned at this time that would track Paragon levels (or even total experience gained) within a Season. It was a conscious choice on our end to shift Leaderboards for Seasonal characters away from a pure level grind towards more objective-based (or even skill-based) goals like Greater Rifts, Seasonal achievement points, and Conquests.

Standard caveat: This is all according to current design. Details and functionality subject to change pending testing and feedback.

Pereg asked if they can figure out a way to reward hardcore conquests vs normal separately. As you’ll remember DiabloWikiConquests are season only achievements.

As noted in the preview, some Conquests will require your character to be in Hardcore mode to achieve. In fact, we intend to have the number of Conquests per Season split evenly between both Hardcore and Normal game modes.

The goal with Conquests in general is to encourage different styles of play, or at least target those different styles to some degree. That’s under our current philosophy, at least; Conquests are still development and may see some iteration during the PTR. 🙂

Pegionspank asked for clarification on what happens when the timer on a Greater Rift runs out.

Greater Rift Timer
Tick tock

The timer in a Greater Rift is only to determine if you’ll progress to a more difficult Greater Rift.

Running out of time will prevent you from progressing in difficulty, but it will not remove you from the Rift you’re currently in, and you’ll be able to continue your progression towards the Rift Guardian like normal.

As usual, the normal caveat applies that this is still in development, and possibly subject to change.

Are DiabloWikiGreater Rifts available only to those playing in DiabloWikiSeasons?

Greater Rifts will be available to both Season and non-Season characters as well as the Legendary Gem rewards associated with them. This means everyone will be able to start working on these gems regardless if you choose to participate in a Season.

The standard caveat of this all currently being under development and subject to change still applies, though.

A final little one clarifying the changes that are planned for DiabloWikiHealth Globes from Wick220:

The number of Health Globes that drop isn’t changing, which should reduce the impact for items or skills that proc off of collecting them.
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10 thoughts on “Greater Rifts, Paragon Leaderboards and Conquests

  1. Still no answer if ladders/seasons are RoS only, or if the poor damned souls still stuck in regulation D3 can do them also…

  2. Have there not been any blue replies to questions about character slots? I have to believe this is being asked (not been on the BNet forums in a while).

  3. Do paragon levels carry across to the next season? So season 1 you get paragon level 56, do you start paragon level 56 at season 2?

  4. So three questions so far:

    1. What is planned for Diablo 3?
    2. How many character slots to enable Season play?
    3. Do paragon points carry over to next seasons?

  5. Wondering about Greater rift difficulty and game difficulty scaling.

    For expamle what's the comparison of Normal-Rift 100 vs Torment1-Rift 50 vs Torment6-Rift 2?

  6. I'm going to guess that since characters roll over into non-season at the end, something will have to be done. Otherwise, everyone would run out of slots. I want to see an answer to this too.

  7. Absolutely, they need to address this issue front and center as it's also a great concern of mine. I am currently wondering if I'll have to delete multiple characters (including mules and alt specs) just so I can play Ladder, Normal, Hardcore, and Hardcore Ladder. I'd say they need to allow at least 24 character slots per account, or go with 50 like their beloved other game I won't mention.

  8. One day someone we will discover that one character actually takes less than 1 megabyte of storage and Blizzard just couldn't be bothered to invest even 0.01$ per player in storage.

  9. Does anyone know how much space a character and their items take up? It would be real interesting to know but only someone who has direct experience with this would know for sure. Ten character slots is not enough, it is really limiting, even with free respecs.

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