Urshi appears after you kill the Guardian and the timer has expired.

    Urshi appears after you kill the Guardian and the timer has expired.

    A fan suggested that Greater Rifts should be “failable” on demand. The reason is that DiabloWikiUrshi, the Legendary Gem upgrade NPC, only appears when you’ve finished 100% in a DiabloWikiGreater Rift and killed the Guardian… but not within the 15m time limit. So players who find themselves up to a GR difficulty they can’t handle (especially in Hardcore), or if they’re just in a hurry because real life and can’t wait the full 15m, might miss out on Urshi and the legem upgrade opportunity.

    The purpose of the greater rifts are to push your toon as far as you can go, right? I find myself as an hc player, as i approach my Grift limit (usually 23-25, depending on the luck of the draw) that i need to -pause- and wait for the timer to expire just before the rift boss spawns, so I have a shot at the vendor to upgrade a leg gem.

    I completed 25 today, and was doing 26. It was way over my toons ability to complete. I wish there was a ‘i give up’ button, spawn the vendor, and have the shot an a gem upgrade.
    Grimiku: I can definitely see a need for a feature like this in the current state of of the PTR. I’d be happy to bring it up at our next meeting, too. Thanks for posting your feedback!

    Hell, I’d like an “I give up” button for SC, too.
    Part of what makes me want to bring this up is the fact that it’s arguably good for both modes, but there are other suggestions in this thread, too. I’ve made a note of them to talk about in addition to the original suggestion. 🙂

    This would be useful, but I could see it being argued against as an exploit. The higher the level of GR you complete, the better the odds that Urshi will upgrade your DiabloWikiLegendary Gem. You’d think that if a player could clear (for example) GR 20 in time, then they’d be able to handle GR 21… but the difficulty between GR levels can vary greatly depending on the monster spawn, and especially for a HC char, pushing on to finish the GR might not be viable. Hence the surrender option, which should (I think) summon an Urshi of the level of the last GR you actually completed; not the one you’re on now, as that would be an exploit.

    This would be a handy feature, but I bet we won’t get it since the devs will say it’s too confusing, or could be used to grief in a multiplayer game, etc. Meh.

    I know a lot of you guys aren’t doing the PTR to try out the Patch 2.1 features yet, but you don’t need first hand experience to understand why this “end the Grift immediately” option could be handy. Or evil! So what say you?

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