Diablo 3 Greater rifts exploited again on PTR

Only a few days after the latest PTR patch the leaderboards are yet again showing players completing greater rift level 100. This time the culprit is not DiabloWiki Exploding Palm but a combination of legendary gems, player sacrifice, and pets.

I am one of the people that completed a greater rift level 100. Here is how you do it: You use a wd or DH and kill the pets over and over at the front door, death zerging all the way.

When you get the rift guardian you apply a dot with the distance gem that increases damage and teleport to town killing the rift guardian instantly.

Kpoplopster also was nice enough to not only explain but provide a video as well:

Obviously this strategy isn’t going to work on Hardcore but it’s interesting to see the inventive ways players have found for hitting the top echelon of Greater rifts. As with any thing on the PTR take it with a grain of salt as it will soon be remedied but for now take advantage of the 1.6 billion gold drops!

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  1. we all know that this will be fixed. however watch em leave it and just nerf the drop haha

  2. Such exploit only prove G rift fail as express

  3. They should really launch the seasons already. I want to try PTR, but without Season on it is kind of pointless.

    • They want to test Greater Rifts – that’s the purpose of current PTR build. They will be done with GR, they will start with Seasons.

    • What’s the point of testing seasons though if its pretty much the same as regular game plus a couple legendaries.. I can understand that it might need to be [i]tested[/i], but lets not pretend that anyone plays ptr to actually check for bugs.

  4. So if I understand it correctly, there’s a gem that increases a dot’s damage based on the distance to the target & the WD were using that which is why everything had hardly any health?

    • No, that’s because there is apparently a limit to maximum HP you can have, so they spawn with 1 trillion even though their max HP is a lot higher.

  5. I think that they were getting progress just by resummoning pets. As their old pets “died” the bar was moving quickly. Blizzard you already dealt with the exploit when brawling was introduced, why is it appearing again now?

  6. I like how these greater rifts are essentially going to end up with Blizzard sanctioning what type of ‘skill’ is acceptable, and what type not. Obviously Exploding Fists are completely unbalanced for this type of persuit, but eventually we’ll end up with some particular builds that are far far better than other builds. Blizzard will be put under a lot of pressure to fix it by some, and pressure from others to leave it unchanged because it’s “fun”.

    • This has nothing to do with greater Rifts but with Blizzard’s inability to create more diverse builds.

      • There are plenty of builds, you just chose not to use them because of efficiency. If all skills are equal in terms of efficiency and damage, then there is no diversity in the first place.

  7. The point isn’t class or skill balance, yet. The PTR is still testing for exploits and basic functionality.

    GR 20 is supposed to be hard, GR 30 is supposed to be an achievement, and GR 50 should never be reached. Level 70 should be out of the question and if you can beat level 100 then you’ve broken the game. One of those trash mobs had 40,429,495,378,176 HP! The problem is, it doesn’t matter. Just like EP, there exists a strategy that makes all the numbers and fighting not even matter. The level 100 rift boss died in a second.

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