Only a few days after the latest PTR patch the leaderboards are yet again showing players completing greater rift level 100. This time the culprit is not DiabloWiki Exploding Palm but a combination of legendary gems, player sacrifice, and pets.

    I am one of the people that completed a greater rift level 100. Here is how you do it: You use a wd or DH and kill the pets over and over at the front door, death zerging all the way.

    When you get the rift guardian you apply a dot with the distance gem that increases damage and teleport to town killing the rift guardian instantly.

    Kpoplopster also was nice enough to not only explain but provide a video as well:

    Obviously this strategy isn’t going to work on Hardcore but it’s interesting to see the inventive ways players have found for hitting the top echelon of Greater rifts. As with any thing on the PTR take it with a grain of salt as it will soon be remedied but for now take advantage of the 1.6 billion gold drops!

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