Two more high level GRift videos for your inspiration today.

    The first shows famed streamer Alkaizer playing a Crusader. The run is softcore with a number of deaths, but he still finishes in time for the #1 ranking on the solo Crusader leaderboard, and without even the benefit of Stonesinger!

    I’d never seen this Crusader build before, and while I know that for a lot of players, “effective = fun” … this looks really boring. I like the horsey drag them on chains bit for some positioning, but 95% of this could be the D1 DiabloWikiWarrior, smashing his way through endless enemies with a billion repeated swings of a melee attack. It’s obviously effective, but if anyone watches this and is like, “OMG, Cruzados looks amazing! I must build one!” I’ll eat a shield.

    Click through to view the Barbarian video, with everyone’s favorite v2.3 Spin2Win build in action, showing the very best and very worst aspects of the build.

    Barbarian GR55, #10 rank US solo Seasonal leaderboard.

    This video shows the strengths and weakness of Spin2Win. The strength is the amazing killing power and survival against huge amounts of enemies, and with an exceptionally-good monster spawn here, the 100% point is reached in under six minutes. The bad of the build is what happens for the next seven minutes, as the Barb spins and spins and spins and spins around Hamelin, his axe and tornadoes and Ancients slowly and gradually eroding the Guardian’s hit points in a yawn-inducing display of endurance.

    This is what every Barb playing Spin2Win complains about, and it’s obviously a valid issue… but it does balance out the character’s incredible power against trash mobs and normal Elites. If there was an option to drop the Barb’s overall DPS by 50% in exchange for 100% more Elite damage… would players take it? How about -50% and +105%, for a net gain in overall damage?

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