This, but faster.

    This, but faster.

    Blizzard listened to fan feedback about the monster waves in the DiabloWikiRealm of Trials taking too long, and applied a hotfix that is now live on the PTR. DiabloWikiGreater Rift Trials are now faster:

    Anyone else think grift trials need to be fixed?

    In my opinion they are way to slow. There is still no reason why I shouldn’t clear grifts from level 1 to 20 with some speed character build rather then go through grift trials over and over again.

    Some simple solutions: Allow players who’ve completed greater rifts of certain levels to drop grift keys of similar difficulty, or give trial grift keys that start at a higher level again determined by player accomplishments. If i beat trial grift one i never want to see it again. I should automatically start at the higher difficulties.

    Can you imagine rifting with your friends everyone getting a trial stone then proceeding for the next ten minutes to get assigned the proper grift level so you can clear it in possibly less then 15 minutes? That system makes no sense to me please fix it blizzard.

    Tyvalir: Thanks for the great discussion here, folks.

    What doesn’t make sense to me, is why don’t the greater rift trials follow the same level gain philosophy as greater rifts themselves: the faster you clear a wave, the more difficult the next wave. Instead of tracking progress as # of waves completed, its wave difficulty completed.
    Tyvalir: We’re looking at allowing you to advance through the Trials more quickly. We’re also keeping an eye on Greater Rift Keystone advancement, and will make adjustments as needed. Our goal is for players to be able to skip forward aggressively, but not so fast that you worry about “overshooting” and ending up in a rift that’s too high for you.

    Hotfixed! Greatly appreciate the new, fast trials.
    Tyvalir: Glad you’re enjoying the newly hotfixed Rift of Trials! Let us know how the pacing feels, and whether the Greater Rift Keystone you get matches up more closely to what you’re comfortable doing.

    This video showing a Witch Doctor is from a month ago (I couldn’t find any from today with the newer, faster DiabloWikiTrials scaling up), but if you’ve never done a Realm of Trials this’ll give you an idea of the process. Note that there are no item or gold rewards for the trial waves, and that this video edits out about 20 waves in the middle, to jump to the end at 29 and you get the idea why some fans were annoyed at the number and difficulty of the waves escalating so gradually.

    As the OP said above, a strong player could clear actual DiabloWikiGreater Rifts in just a few minutes each (starting at 1, then jumping up to probably 9, then 18, then into the high 20s) and would earn all the items and gold from the Guardian each time… and that would hardly take longer than the waves in Realm of Trials (used to take), which were supposed to be the shortcut method to get a higher level DiabloWikiGRK.

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