404px-PylonsWe’ve seen constant tweaks to the Pylon spawning rate and type in Greater Rifts, as Blizzard has worked to make them more balanced and fair, and put in measures to stop the “fishing for Conduit” techniques that fueled some of the highest Greater Rift clears in the past.

    The current system makes DiabloWikiPylons spawn dynamically, not statically, and you will see 2-4 Pylons per Grift (across all floors) and will not see the same type twice in the same Grift. You can see the math there, with a Pylon likely to show up about every 25% or 33% as you progress, but with enough randomness that it’s not totally predictable.

    A video by Wudijo demonstrates this, and thanks to BaronScarpia for pointing us to it. Greater Rift Strategy: Forced Pylon Spawns.

    The challenge now is trying to figure out a way to exploit it! Since Pylons will not spawn in an area once you’ve mapped it out, you can Vault or use some other skill to speed through an area without killing the enemies, then go back and kill them. This will advance your progress bar enough that a Pylon or two are sure to spawn when you next enter an un-mapped area, making for some potentially very quick killing, especially if you can time it so you get a Power or Channeling Pylon right when the Guardian appears.

    Of course the time you spent mapping and not killing, then going back through that same area to clear it, would certainly waste more time than the force spawned Pylons would save time against the Guardian… Perhaps in a party, though? One player Vaults through to map an area, then continues onto the next floor, while other players obliterate the already-mapped area, causing multiple Pylons to spawn right in a row for the first guy, and then they catch up and all have 2 or 3 Pylons active at once? Doesn’t seem real doable to me, but it’ll be interesting to see if players can figure out a way to work it.

    Any ideas on exploiting this? And do you guys like Grifts now that Pylons aren’t as random and unpredictable, and that Conduits aren’t total game-changers anymore, especially once you’re above GR35ish?

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