Greater Rift Strategy: Forced Pylon Spawns

404px-PylonsWe’ve seen constant tweaks to the Pylon spawning rate and type in Greater Rifts, as Blizzard has worked to make them more balanced and fair, and put in measures to stop the “fishing for Conduit” techniques that fueled some of the highest Greater Rift clears in the past.

The current system makes DiabloWikiPylons spawn dynamically, not statically, and you will see 2-4 Pylons per Grift (across all floors) and will not see the same type twice in the same Grift. You can see the math there, with a Pylon likely to show up about every 25% or 33% as you progress, but with enough randomness that it’s not totally predictable.

A video by Wudijo demonstrates this, and thanks to BaronScarpia for pointing us to it. Greater Rift Strategy: Forced Pylon Spawns.

The challenge now is trying to figure out a way to exploit it! Since Pylons will not spawn in an area once you’ve mapped it out, you can Vault or use some other skill to speed through an area without killing the enemies, then go back and kill them. This will advance your progress bar enough that a Pylon or two are sure to spawn when you next enter an un-mapped area, making for some potentially very quick killing, especially if you can time it so you get a Power or Channeling Pylon right when the Guardian appears.

Of course the time you spent mapping and not killing, then going back through that same area to clear it, would certainly waste more time than the force spawned Pylons would save time against the Guardian… Perhaps in a party, though? One player Vaults through to map an area, then continues onto the next floor, while other players obliterate the already-mapped area, causing multiple Pylons to spawn right in a row for the first guy, and then they catch up and all have 2 or 3 Pylons active at once? Doesn’t seem real doable to me, but it’ll be interesting to see if players can figure out a way to work it.

Any ideas on exploiting this? And do you guys like Grifts now that Pylons aren’t as random and unpredictable, and that Conduits aren’t total game-changers anymore, especially once you’re above GR35ish?

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  1. I've noticed this in practice when I'm clearing lower GRs to level up additional LGems. Racing through GR16 or GR22 killing as fast as I can move on a 2-3m clear pace, I often get a new Power or Shielding or Channeling Pylon just about the time the previous one expires.

    It feels nice to sort of chain them in sequence, as they dynamically line up when I'm clearing ~25% every ~30 seconds.

  2. Currently on the PTR there simply are no pylons in Grifts and I like it, makes it a lot less random what rank you can handle.

  3. "And do you guys like Grifts now that Pylons aren’t as random and unpredictable, and that Conduits aren’t total game-changers anymore, especially once you’re above GR35ish?"

    I certainly like the less random density – makes it easier to gauge the effectiveness of builds you're testing. However, the irony that people have pointed out is that with the nerfed conduits the 'fishing' for good Rifts is actually more extreme the higher you push in 2.1.2 than it was before, because now you have to have find a favourable Rift Guardian as well as all the other variables, since you have to actually fight the RG now.

    The Pylon RNG has just been replaced with the RG RNG, which, in some ways, is actually worse. A raekor barb at GR45 would rather see Stonesinger and no pylon than Rhime with a Conduit pylon.

  4. Easy fix: let monsters rush against the player for the pylon. The a player must take the pylon when it sees it.

  5. Or make pylon goblins which disappear after some time.

  6. “and will not see the same type twice in the same Grift.”

    This is incorrect, or i found some bug. I got two Conduit Pylons, one very close to the other, i could almost “chain conduit”, in a Grift, just a couple days ago. In the same GR level, yes.

    • I'm sure there are bugs sometimes, but I've done dozens of GRifts in recent weeks since learning that Pylons weren't supposed to repeat in the same GRift, and haven't ever seen them do so.

      It's gotten to where I keep track of which types I've seen already, and hope for the best type near the end. I'm delighted to get Speed or Conduit near the start since it ups the odds I'll see a Power or Channeling near the Guardian.

      That's all GRs only. Regular Rifts Shrines/Pylons are still random, and you can definitely get 2 or 3 of the same type right in a row. I've never gotten the T6 in under 2m shrine (despite many times in the 2-3m range) but thought I might a couple of days ago, when I got Conduits, Fleeting, Conduit each about 15s apart. Tragically it was a long, low density map, and then I got to level 2 and it was Panda Fort with also low density, so my total clear was another in the 3m range.

  7. Forced Pylon spawns sounds like a perfect strategy for Barbarians. Raekor’s excels against groups of enemies but is awful against single targets, particularly the Rift Guardian. Thus the Barbarian likely saves the most time by engaging Guardians with the help of a Pylon.

    My guess is that a Barbarian’s pre-Guardian efficiency is barely affected by map exploration before killing. Furious Charge both allows the Barbarian to travel at a rapid pace and applies a hefty DoT (particularly when used with the Pain Enhancer and Efficacious Toxin gems) to soften enemies up for the second pass.

    Unfortunately, as mentioned above, the most important factor in successfully clearing a difficult greater rift is which Guardian you encounter. For Barbarians this is even more of a factor – any Guardian that generates multiple targets is significantly easier.

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