Greater Rift Monster HPs Exploit HotFixed

New hotfix posted just moments ago, fixes an issue with monster hit points in Greater Rifts. Greater Rift Monster HPs Exploit HotFixed:


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  • Monster health now properly scales off of the number of players who open a Greater Rift, regardless of whether a player leaves the Rift or game.
  • Anyone got any first hand reports of using/abusing this trick and will you lament its departure?

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    1. What happens if someone dies in HC in a group? Now this one solo person has to deal with crazy hard mobs to kill, increasing significantly the chances of their own death?

      • I think your right there: This would indeed have an impact on safety in HC groups. Though not completely negating the impact, from the valor screen a player could perhaps be able to choose rejoining the GRift he died in with another of his characters instead.

      • if someone dies the grift is a fail. I'd suggest others just port out and give up the rift.

        They HAD to fix this issue. It stops the cheaters from going up the solo leaderboards by playing with 4 players and then doing the boss solo. (at least it would make it VERY hard for the solo player to kill the boss)

    2. why dont they just count a rift as a 4player grift when there were 4 players as it was opend? leave the healthscale alone!

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