Greater Rift Leaderboards Exploited

It’s long been known that players could sometimes cheat the Greater Rift leaderboard by clearing most of a Grift in a party, then exiting before the finish so just the one remaining player got credit for a solo clear. Until recently this was more of a novelty than an exploit, and reportedly it was hard to time the game join and exit correctly. It’s become more than a novelty now that some players have used the trick to set record Grift runs for Era and Seasonal Barbarians, and some fans on are pissed.

Leaderboards Are Now Pointless

There’s currently a game breaking exploit being used by people to get top ranks on the leader boards that makes it impossible for others to overtake their rank, from barbs on Normal and Seasonal, Ajijijiji(normal) has R1 spot with a R47 cleared in 13m 50s, Brotato(seasonal) has a R46 cleared in 13m 17s, neither of them did these solo, after klankster openly streamed how he cheated his R45 clear, people have been doing it for higher rank clears that can’t normally be done.

How it’s happening: The barb groups with 1-3 DHs, they start a R45+ GRift togeather, everyone uses town portal including the barb, the DHs leave the group and the barb clears the trash to the boss, then he/she invites the DHs back to the group and they get the boss really low on HP and leave again for the barb to get the count as a solo clear.

I put links to the two Barbarian leaderboards in the quote, but that there’s nothing special about Barbarians to do this. Update: It’s only Barbs who can do it since the Furious Charge build works fantastically against lots of trash mobs, but doesn’t work well against bosses. So Barbs can solo clear Rifts very quickly wiping out the garbage, and then use this cheat to bring in DHs to burn down the Guardian.

Not to sound even more cynical than usual, but I always assumed that players would cheat and exploit to rise up the Leaderboards. If anything, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of this sort of thing, and I guess credit has to go to the devs for fixing almost all of the exploits during the PTR.

Does this sort of cheating surprise you guys? Do you care? Do you want a wipe of the Grift leaders, bans for the cheaters, and fixes to prevent this from occurring again? Or do you not really care how the 8+ hour a day players cheat each other or the system, since it’s totally divorced from anything you’ll ever do in your Diablo 3 play?

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  1. This only shows that leaderboards are pointless as there always will be ways to “improve” your ranking.

  2. This is why I don't see Greater Rifts as a competitive figure — there's always someone who will bite the system — but I see GRs as a means of how a character, as self, has managed to progress. When I see myself at Rift 21 at ~13m, I don't see myself as a loser on the board.

    I see myself as needing just a little more equip improvement to push a little harder, as well as affix strategy shifts.

    • "This is why I don't see Greater Rifts as a competitive figure — there's always someone who will bite the system"

      Sure, but by that logic you can disregard pretty much all competitions, virtual or not. Finding loopholes in the rules is part of the game. This doesn't mean that D3's leaderboards aren't a legitimate competition, it only means that the rules still need to be improved to find oversights like this.

      • Except that even without the exploits they are not a legitimate competition. Because if you want a competition and/or comparison, you need the same baseline.

        If instead you have an archery competition in which each competitor fires at a target 1d1000 feet away and gets the same number of points regardless you have Conduit Boards.

        • First of all, there's a reason why classes are separated into their own leaderboards. It's the devs telling you that they'll never be 100% balanced, but this way you can compare yourself to others playing the same class. That is your baseline. That said, the devs said that the leaderboards will be used as a measuring stick that will help balancing. However, they'll never achieve perfect balance, especially because they'll keep adding new items with each Season as well.

          However, even with a leaderboard that would include all classes you wouldn't need perfect balance for a legitimate competition. Competitors in real technical sports rarely has the same chances to win, due to the differences in the tech that supports them.

          You can bring up the random nature of Rifts as well against them, but for example in motor racing the weather is often a question mark for all involved and the skill level of drivers aren't the same in the wet as in the dry either.

          If you're looking for a perfect comparison you'll be looking for a while.

          • Doesn't matter. High rank still means zombie/conduit/stonesinger. Show me what skills I could put on my bar or what items I could equip that influence this?

          • There's no such thing, but my point was that's not an issue, leaderboards are still a perfectly valid competition, just with more random elements than what you'd prefer. Essentially there's a 2-3 GR level variability in what you can do at the high end, but I don't think that's the end of the world.

            Talking specifically about Conduit and Stonesinger though I wouldn't mind either if Pylons were removed altogether from Rifts and Guardian HP would be balanced better. That's not to say that I don't think GRs are mostly fine as they are for the role they are supposed to fill. Maybe a more strict leaderboard could be added eventually for people who want to compete with less variables affecting their position.

  3. I definitely care; enough to encourage Jaetch to start up a post on the official forums and see how the player community feels. It would seem a lot of people care. I mean, there's a lot to learn from this season and I don't want my efforts to feel like they're in vain, but I hope at the very least it all brings about strong changes to Season Two.

  4. Working 45 hours+ a weekend and having a wive and a 6 year old dsughter i have played this season more than i souls have allready. Our goal was to be competitive just once. But reading this is just annoying. But Blizzard does Not Carey. Posting in the official forums is just pointiert. They will just delete it like the maphack post that most DH’S play with. Felix dissapointed :/

  5. Call me naive but I actually thought that the days of cheating was over, I've been playing WoW since it came out also clone Hellfire and before it was the case that was anyone caught cheating, they were banished. has since spoken with several who do not understand how certain
    Solo characters can get as high on the leader board, have checked several of these and can see their damage, toughness, healthy is much smaller than mine and so has other noted. Should we have a leader board so it should not be possible to cheat.
    One is left with the thought how it can be done, now we know so why?
    Close the holes or remove leaderboard as it is misleading and incorrect and not tell whether the character's progress or gear and even worse those who play clean and is highly ranked suddenly gets the label "cheat" I know many will say it does not matter and they are indifferent but I do not buy that statement. Just the same as it was the vote on the AH would be closed that it seemed as if everyone wanted it closed and now it's in the top 4 when talking about what you can do to make the game more attractive, according to the polls that have been since.

  6. > Does this sort of cheating surprise you guys? Do you care?
    No, and not really.
    > Or do you not really care how the 8+ hour a day players cheat each other or the system, since it’s totally divorced from anything you’ll ever do in your Diablo 3 play?
    Eh… it bugs me to the extent that it can throw off the numbers used to determine the 'state of the game'. A tiny handful of cheaters should be statistically insignificant and easy enough to weed out, but if not, get rid of 'em.

  7. Not super happy about the exploits on the leaderboards but did anyone really expect someone in the D3 community wouldn’t come up with something?

    I’d like fixes for the exploits but I think touching the leaderboards would be a mistake. Surely, there are people on there who put in the time and played legit that would be affected by this and I’m not sure it’s the messing with them would be productive. Hopefully, most of this can be resolved for next season, which I won’t be playing, so people can pursue their goals with a system that has moreintegrity.

  8. Nope, don't care. The entire purpose of competition is cheating the system as much as the system allows. I'm really glad this kind of pointless peen-measuring was put in, so we can focus on the really important issues: Someone having a bigger imaginary number in an imaginary game than me. This is so unfair!

  9. It doesn't surprise me, no. Is it sad? Yes.

    Replying to your thought of 'I'm surprised we haven't seen more of this', I believe that indeed we will see MUCH more (I'm cynical too) at the end of the season. Who wants to lock in now for others to catch them? They want to lock in when it will stay set in stone.

  10. For once they're not exploiting the game for loot/levels. This is the same thing as 4 characters clearing a level 4 rift.

    It's not nearly as outrageous as the time people got hundreds of paragon levels due to a real exploit and then they weren't rolled back or banned. (Although that one involved sitting in town, which would be hard to ban for.)

    Probably Bliz will fix the loophole (paid to enter = on the team no matter what, even if the team size exceeds 4) and then season 2 will have cleaner boards.

  11. There's plenty of exploits and balance issues to be dealt with. The real question well be what the developers decide to add/remove/change in the next season. Season 1 is clearly more of a test then anything else. (This is probably why it has no clear end.)

    Overall I think most people are having a lot more fun with D3 then they have in a while, and that's the real point.

  12. Everybody talks about season, but what about the non-season leaderboards? Contaminated forever? :/

    • Non-season leaderboards will be reset too, but presumably less often than seasons. You'll notice the current leaderboards are labelled 2014 Era 1 (or something like that).

  13. The clan leader boards are more fun anyway b/c you can get some decent trash talking going which is the best part of competing imo. If only we could make a super incgamers board my merging the lists from multiple clans using the great clan leader interface that they give you.

  14. Will be fixed as every other bug/exploit.

  15. In other words it won't be fixed.

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