It’s long been known that players could sometimes cheat the Greater Rift leaderboard by clearing most of a Grift in a party, then exiting before the finish so just the one remaining player got credit for a solo clear. Until recently this was more of a novelty than an exploit, and reportedly it was hard to time the game join and exit correctly. It’s become more than a novelty now that some players have used the trick to set record Grift runs for Era and Seasonal Barbarians, and some fans on Battle.net are pissed.

    Leaderboards Are Now Pointless

    There’s currently a game breaking exploit being used by people to get top ranks on the leader boards that makes it impossible for others to overtake their rank, from barbs on Normal and Seasonal, Ajijijiji(normal) has R1 spot with a R47 cleared in 13m 50s, Brotato(seasonal) has a R46 cleared in 13m 17s, neither of them did these solo, after klankster openly streamed how he cheated his R45 clear, people have been doing it for higher rank clears that can’t normally be done.

    How it’s happening: The barb groups with 1-3 DHs, they start a R45+ GRift togeather, everyone uses town portal including the barb, the DHs leave the group and the barb clears the trash to the boss, then he/she invites the DHs back to the group and they get the boss really low on HP and leave again for the barb to get the count as a solo clear.

    I put links to the two Barbarian leaderboards in the quote, but that there’s nothing special about Barbarians to do this. Update: It’s only Barbs who can do it since the Furious Charge build works fantastically against lots of trash mobs, but doesn’t work well against bosses. So Barbs can solo clear Rifts very quickly wiping out the garbage, and then use this cheat to bring in DHs to burn down the Guardian.

    Not to sound even more cynical than usual, but I always assumed that players would cheat and exploit to rise up the Leaderboards. If anything, I’m surprised we haven’t seen more of this sort of thing, and I guess credit has to go to the devs for fixing almost all of the exploits during the PTR.

    Does this sort of cheating surprise you guys? Do you care? Do you want a wipe of the Grift leaders, bans for the cheaters, and fixes to prevent this from occurring again? Or do you not really care how the 8+ hour a day players cheat each other or the system, since it’s totally divorced from anything you’ll ever do in your Diablo 3 play?

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