A fan asked about DiabloWikiGreater Rift Guardians spawning in sub-optimal locations, and got a Blue reply with hope for improvement. Greater Rift Guardian Mis-Spawning:

    Closer, please.

    Closer, please.

    Great GR Boss spawns!

    Seriously, I’m on a timetable here. What the heck?
    Vaneras: That is rather unfortunate… I hope you made it though.

    Just wanted to let you know that we are looking into improving the Rift Guardian spawn locations.

    I took advantage of the Halloween Community Buff to get in some play time last night, and while I never had a spawn as bad as the one in the OP’s screenshot, I repeatedly had issues with DiabloWikiGreater Rift Guardians spawning too far away. Three or four games in a row (I was doing them fast to level up some DiabloWikiLegendary Gems) the boss spawned far enough away that it wasn’t visible, and didn’t show up on the map either.

    The first time I kept moving forward, and 5 or 6 screens away I reached the end of the dungeon… and found a Champion pack alive and kicking. Which was also weird, as monsters are supposed to vanish from the whole level when the GRG spawns. I didn’t really mind though, as they refreshed my DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful so when I ran back to find the GRG half a dozen screens behind where I’d been when the 100% hit, I had the damage buff active. Grifts after that when I hit 100% I just ran backwards, and always found the Guardian a few screens away.

    For the sake of comparison, in half a dozen regular Nephalem Rifts last night, the Guardian always spawned either right on top of me, or at most a screen away. It seems like there’s something about the GRGs that causes them to appear further away, perhaps related to whatever function causes all the other monsters on the level to vanish?

    One improvement I hadn’t really noticed before; when space permits, DiabloWikiUrshi now usually appears 20-30y away from the corpse of the GR Guardian. When the feature was new, especially on the PTR, she’d usually appear right on top of the Guardian’s corpse, which was annoying since you’d click her repeatedly as you grabbed up all the various loot.

    You guys noticed displacement between your location at 100% and where the Greater Rift Guardian appears? I didn’t miss out on any completions due to the distance of spawning, but needless searching wasted 30+ seconds a couple of times, which could have made a crucial difference.

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