Greater Rift Guardian Mis-Spawning

A fan asked about DiabloWikiGreater Rift Guardians spawning in sub-optimal locations, and got a Blue reply with hope for improvement. Greater Rift Guardian Mis-Spawning:

Closer, please.

Closer, please.

Great GR Boss spawns!

Seriously, I’m on a timetable here. What the heck?
Vaneras: That is rather unfortunate… I hope you made it though.

Just wanted to let you know that we are looking into improving the Rift Guardian spawn locations.

I took advantage of the Halloween Community Buff to get in some play time last night, and while I never had a spawn as bad as the one in the OP’s screenshot, I repeatedly had issues with DiabloWikiGreater Rift Guardians spawning too far away. Three or four games in a row (I was doing them fast to level up some DiabloWikiLegendary Gems) the boss spawned far enough away that it wasn’t visible, and didn’t show up on the map either.

The first time I kept moving forward, and 5 or 6 screens away I reached the end of the dungeon… and found a Champion pack alive and kicking. Which was also weird, as monsters are supposed to vanish from the whole level when the GRG spawns. I didn’t really mind though, as they refreshed my DiabloWikiBane of the Powerful so when I ran back to find the GRG half a dozen screens behind where I’d been when the 100% hit, I had the damage buff active. Grifts after that when I hit 100% I just ran backwards, and always found the Guardian a few screens away.

For the sake of comparison, in half a dozen regular Nephalem Rifts last night, the Guardian always spawned either right on top of me, or at most a screen away. It seems like there’s something about the GRGs that causes them to appear further away, perhaps related to whatever function causes all the other monsters on the level to vanish?

One improvement I hadn’t really noticed before; when space permits, DiabloWikiUrshi now usually appears 20-30y away from the corpse of the GR Guardian. When the feature was new, especially on the PTR, she’d usually appear right on top of the Guardian’s corpse, which was annoying since you’d click her repeatedly as you grabbed up all the various loot.

You guys noticed displacement between your location at 100% and where the Greater Rift Guardian appears? I didn’t miss out on any completions due to the distance of spawning, but needless searching wasted 30+ seconds a couple of times, which could have made a crucial difference.


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  1. Once on an A3 Tower of the Damned map the Guardian spawned behind a gap for me, on the other side of the level. Not quite as bad as the OP's situation (took me less than a minute to get to it), but I wasn't exactly happy as I was short on time anyway. I finished that Rift with 3 seconds to spare, but the movie finish didn't dissuade me from throwing a few select words in Blizzard's general direction.

    The "funny" thing about this issue is that while Greater Rifts weren't implemented Guardian spawns were fine. They spawned right on top of you, never more than a screen away, at least in my experience. After one of the patches that introduced GRs this very clearly changed. Although it's possible, however unlikely, that I'm either misremembering things or I got horribly unliky with the spawns lately.

    • One I had this weekend was in the panda 2 level, towards the end where you get to the platforms with the portals. And the poison arm guy spawned several screens behind me, and was on a platform I could cast Sentries down on top of.

      As a 'spoit, it actually wasn't that useful. My DH has the garwulf's chest so I get a lot of damage from my 3 wolves and they couldn't get to him, and he kept shooting poison explosions up and hitting me, though his ground tickle finger wasn't coming across the gap. Halfway through the fight I could see it was taking longer than usual, so I just ran around to the portal and warped down to kill him at closer range.

  2. Odd. The algorithm to solve this is pretty obvious: calculate proximity to the character for the spawn point based on walkable path distance, rather than an absolute tile distance like they seem to be doing now.

  3. Why not transport the player to a room with the (G)rift Guardian in as soon as 100% is reached?

  4. Act5 sewers (or that place where there are a lot of corpses).
    Boss = sand shaper (mister khule).
    Killed GRG as it was teleporting over an unpathable ground.

    result: Urshi never spawned. There were some posts about that issue on official forums.

    I guess that the new urshi spawn point has something to do with this

  5. Since it is a race against the clock, I find it strange that you have to spend unnecessary much time to find the Guardian, as suggested when you were 100% on the timeline, the time should stop and you had teleported to another room and defeat the Guardian, the last time on a 34 run, we spent 1.23 minutes to find him. Next, a pool of elite packs. And the fact that the Guardian still suddenly teleports no chance to hit him, a problem which is also mentioned on the official site. Why can not revive her figure sums, I do not really know you’ve got to go back to the last checkpoint, Small details will anyone say, but when it’s a race against time and jp higher GR better chance of being slaughtered, you die once you might as well stop because you can not upgrade your stone only your Lgems.

  6. This issue is one among many which makes some GR easier than others. Either we accept that luck is part of success or we keep grieving. I a RNG game, it is logical that luck is part of the equation. Success depends on:
    – density
    – mazeness
    – the GRG (some are really easier, my last success was with a RG from one of kulle golem)
    – the elite you meet are their affix (peoples were complaining about fallen angles)
    – the monster you meet (the advance awarded by white mobs is not balanced)
    so the location of the RG is only one more.

    Yet making randomly the RG fight occur in an arena is indeed a good idea but only if it only occur randomly. I like also dungeon boss fight.

    • On the podcast a few shows back we were talking about RNG with Grifts, and the idea for non-random ones came up. Say every 10th GR is a pre-designed Grift, with always the same layout and monsters, and that one is tracked for best time clearing. Rather than everyone just showing their highest GR, everyone could have their best time for GR10, 20, 30 etc, and their highest overall clear.

      It would be a kind of e-sports thing, where players could all gear just for GR10 or GR20 and do special builds. Obviously there would be some builds better than others, and hard for the devs to assign groups of enemies that were equivalent difficulty for all classes… but it would add a fun aspect to things. Bit like the "beat all acts in 1 hour" leaderboard, but not totally based on movement speed.

      And ideally these wouldn't actually be GR10, but would be a separate sort of Grift Race that was just equivalent to GR10, 20, 30, etc.

  7. Definitely have had this problem. It seems to most occur on the Halls of Agony map.
    Why is it always the same 5 tiresome tilesets? I would really like to see some of the more open maps added to the mix.
    I have also seen several times when the monsters don't vanish at all. I'm not sure if they finally vanish after the RG has been killed or not.

  8. Wtf ???? what is that ????

  9. A couple of things here:

    1. The Greater Rift Guardian spawning doesn't remove all mobs on the level. It only removes them within a certain radius. You can actually use this to your advantage if it works out well enough for you and your build.

    2. When the GRG spawns, it's clear that the game tries to put it in a place where you'll have plenty of space to fight it, so it opts for bigger rooms or paths, even if they're rather far away from your current location. A one-time portal to the GRG would maybe be a nice addition, but a completely separate boss room would be a terrible fix. It would make it so you fight the GRG in the same environment every time. As it stands, you can use some maps to your advantage in fighting the guardian, so I wouldn't want to see this go away. I'm all for better spawning though.

  10. Do not know if this is the right place to post this, but it is after all about GR.

    I have a DH and reportedly a powerful one kind, para lvl 522 damage 1.274 million, toughness 9,775,868, healing 33434, more than 10 000 dex, but do not understand why I solo can not go further than the GR 13, sees many others with much worse State easily run GR 25-33 ??? what am i doing wrong ??

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