You've got paragon!

    You’ve got paragon!

    Earlier today, some players figured out a way to exploit Greater Rifts begun on higher difficulty levels to gain massive exp. Blizzard noticed, and the Greater Rift Experience Exploit: now hotfixed:

    The following hotfix is now live in all regions. There are no upcoming hotfixes to report at this time.


    Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts:

  • Experience gained from Greater Rifts is no longer inflated by the game mode difficulty (9/8)
  • Streamers and others were showing off the technique for massive exp gain, zooming from Paragon 1 to Paragon 250+ in just a few hours. In light of that kind of exploitation, some fans are demanding rollbacks, and I certainly wouldn’t object to it. Bliz is not interested in having that conversation though, so I think rollbacks to known individuals are unlikely to happen, since it wasn’t a hugely-prevalent thing, and it’s not like some players picking up exp faster than usual is something that ruins the game for everyone else, or a commodity that can be sold on the DiabloWikiRMAH.

    Did any of you guys get in on the cheat while it worked? Or have strong opinions about what Bliz should do in the aftermath?

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