Greater Rift Experience Exploit: Now Hotfixed

You've got paragon!

You’ve got paragon!

Earlier today, some players figured out a way to exploit Greater Rifts begun on higher difficulty levels to gain massive exp. Blizzard noticed, and the Greater Rift Experience Exploit: now hotfixed:

The following hotfix is now live in all regions. There are no upcoming hotfixes to report at this time.


Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts:

  • Experience gained from Greater Rifts is no longer inflated by the game mode difficulty (9/8)
  • Streamers and others were showing off the technique for massive exp gain, zooming from Paragon 1 to Paragon 250+ in just a few hours. In light of that kind of exploitation, some fans are demanding rollbacks, and I certainly wouldn’t object to it. Bliz is not interested in having that conversation though, so I think rollbacks to known individuals are unlikely to happen, since it wasn’t a hugely-prevalent thing, and it’s not like some players picking up exp faster than usual is something that ruins the game for everyone else, or a commodity that can be sold on the DiabloWikiRMAH.

    Did any of you guys get in on the cheat while it worked? Or have strong opinions about what Bliz should do in the aftermath?

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    1. An exploit like this only really shorten the play time of the people using it. It doesn't hurt anybody else. I wish I knew about it before it got patched.

    2. Exploit consisted of the following :

      Make a greater rift lvl 27-36 (the one you can clear faster) with 4 players(can be done with 3 as well). Player A will be the leecher. Players B-C-D will clear the rift.

      Once the rift is opened, Player A will zone in with the group to kill 10 + mobs. after 10+ mobs he will port to town and stay there for the whole rift while players B-C-D clears the rift. For some reasons, you get 50x+ more xp while in town than while in the rift. You get even more XP with an XP pool and +XP gear (hellfire ring, leoric crown with ruby, etc). Once the rift is cleared you switch roles.. Player B becomes the leecher and players A-C-D clear the next rift.

    3. When you get the grifts xp's outside, they are multiplicated with the t6/group xp multiplicator. With 4 players t6 this is around 2000-2200%, so you get 20-22x the xp that the players in the grift get.

    4. I'd love to wipe that smile of kingkongor and other streamers face…
      He's top 12 in eu now!!!
      Thats bonkers…
      Blizz should act as its in violation of t&cs…
      BAN if u earn WAAAAAAAAAAAY too much exp in last 24h!!!!

    5. Qutp from official us forum:
      If not ban, at least roll back them..

      The HUGE example is ''King Kongor''.

      he exploited, live, while streaming, for hours.

      An entire party PL500+ using grift method.

      He got 160+ levels in one day.

    6. I know that was an exploit and a fault of poor programming, but people capitalising on that exploit makes them shamed.

      Broadcasting their use and teaching them how to capitalise on the exploit however? I think that's a TOU violation, worthy of an account closure.

    7. Most of the people are commenting about it already, Flux, but there's a lot of validity in calling for a rollback of the exploiters' accounts or having them auctioned in some form. It's the exact same reason why Blizzard spent so much time addressing class balance before releasing 2.1 – fair play/opportunity within competition.

      If someone innovates a better way to throw a football with their own innate talents and that results in more touchdowns, no one will or should be upset about that. (There will be plenty of envy/jealousy.) If, however, this increased performance was derived from illegal mechanics or performance enhancing substances, that's clearly a problem. Exploiting is basically this and now the people that abused this have tons of stats over others. The others that didn't exploit may have been legitimately grinding and trying to be as competitive as possible. Now they're behind. This type of behavior doesn't just ruin the gameplay curve/enjoyment for the abuser, but it also invalidates the accomplishments of anyone else in the same league/arena thinking they were competing on a fair playing field.

      • Performance enhancing drugs is the best thing that happened to professional sports.

        That being said, I killed Malthael on T6 early on, it was the only conquest that did not rely on when and how much I could play, which allowed me to rank in high. So, in that perspective, it will never be a perfect level playing field. As for season 1, it is more or less a beta test for seasons, and the game in general, I wouldn't look up to it for future reference.

      • Last time I looked on my Friends List, Katniss' Sea Crusader was already P270 and had just earned the T6 Malty conquest. Haxor!!!1!?

      • Why dont you worry about yourself and not worry about others in this highly personal RPG of a game? Its not like it affects you in any way to have other random strangers at a higher paragon level other than your ego and your envy of them.

        I fully admit I used this strategy for leveling my paragon levels, and I gained well over 100 paragon levels in a couple hours. So what? Just because I might be a higher paragon level than you, why does it matter?


    9. Agreed with Katniss, it has a negative effect on how other players feel about their standings in season.

      For example, so many people got fast level 70's that I don't even feel like playing seasons just to get a 70 and transmog anymore.

      • I made it to level 30 on seasons, wish I had used the bounty blitzing tactic instead as I really don't want to spend hours doing content that is almost worthless since the game really begins at 70 and everything before that is practically filler/waste of time, you know? Lesson learned, exploit fast and hard.

    10. Next season, don't have leader boards for silly leveling, period. Only have actual objectives, T6 Uber Diablo, level 40 Grift, craft 10 Hellfire amulets, etc. Hell, dump 1-70 for seasons. It doesn't help anyone, it makes everyone agitated when someone finds a goofy exploit to skip it, etc. Hell, dump 1-70 for the damn game, leveling is a plague on this genre. People are complaining about people maxing out levels in Destiny, which came out barely 24 hours ago. So what, it's leveling! Stop gating content behind levels! Gate content behind difficulty!

      • This is completely absurd. Leveling is a core part of any RPG especially an action RPG like Diablo.

        And I like the season conquests, "realm firsts" and what have you. Why are you mad that someone else achieved something cool and you didn't?

    11. As much as I hate this, as well, I have to disagree. I wish people wouldn’t do this, but in my mind they have not violated any ToS and this is more like running a trick play once understanding the defense (see Fiesta Bowl Boise State vs. Oklahoma) than performance enhancing drugs.

      It sucks, but they found a trick or an exploit. To really cheat, in my opinion, you would need to modify the code or use a bot of some sort that is truly against ToS.

      Again, I am not for them doing it, though I do not believe that they have done anything worth getting banned. Blizzard just needs to say \no\ to the statue of liberty pass and close the loophole.

      Just my two cents from another perspective with zero intention of starting a flame war.

    12. Horse

      Barn door

      Makes blizzard look incompetent; that's about it

      • Funny things is, if I read the exploit correctly, their incompetence is two fold. First, the XP bonus applies to GR experience when you are outside, unintended. But secondly, and more importantly, people are earning XP, not only outside the XP range (strenght in numbers), but in town.

    13. I absolutely got in on it while the gettin' was good! I gained over 100 paragon levels on my season monk along with the group of 4 I was doing it with.

      We each took turns staying outside the G rifts while the other 3 (sometimes we did 2 at a time) cleared the G rift on tier 26-28.

      It was an awesome pad to my damage and survivability on my monk because of all those extra tasty paragon levels!

      Thanks for the quick exp Blizz!

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