Greater Rift Difficulty Scaling Chart

Greater Rift Difficulty Scaling Chart

GRift monster hps/dmg scaling.
GRift monster hps/dmg scaling.

Someone came up with datamined figures for how much the monster hit points and damage dealt scaled up per each level of Greater Rift, which led another fan on Reddit to compile the figures in a big chart, running the math up to DiabloWikiGreater Rift level 60. The figures are surprisingly simple, as it turns out:

  • Monster Health increases by 17% per level.
  • Monster damage increases by 13.2% per level.
  • The table can be seen to the right in jpg form. It’s a huge image, to click to see it in readable size, and click here for the document in a spreadsheet format. Note that these figures match very well with the player-observed Greater Rifticulty, where players have estimated about one difficulty level per 3 GRs, and estimated that GR25 = Torment 6.

    Here are the actual figures, for the sake of nearly-identical comparison. Monster hit points increase by:

  • GR22 = 5400% vs. T5 = 5369%.
  • GR25 = 8650% vs. T6 = 8590%.
  • The figures also make it easy to see just how much the 50% damage reduction provided by the double DiabloWikiUnity exploit is worth; approximately 4-5 Greater Rift levels. That’s just in terms of monster damage scaling, though, and you’d need to factor in monster hit points and your killing speed, since Grifts are a race against the clock.

    How do these figures match with your observations? Going by this progression, GR28 = T7 and GR31 = T8, theoretically speaking. As most expert players feel that GR30+ is where things start to get really rewarding and requiring of very good gear, you have to wonder if we’ll see higher Torment levels added at some point. Well-geared character are now blasting through T6 Rifts, after all.

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    15 thoughts on “Greater Rift Difficulty Scaling Chart

    1. For **** sake, double Unity is NOT an exploit. Developers: "Unity would be worthless when you play alone, so lets use the Follower"

      • Yeah, Flux. You need to be more careful with how you label things. The Unity setup is a gearing choice that exists in the game and has been acknowledged by the developers on MULTIPLE occasions as intended. Please stop mislabeling when ACTUAL exploits really do exist. People listen to what you say. Don't misinform them.

        • Well it's not a bug (as far as we know?) but it's a trick that's vastly more powerful than any other single gearing choice. If you've got some narrow definition of "exploit" meaning "cheating bug" then it's not that… but I use the term fairly widely as anything well out of the power curve.

          e.g. Spin2Win was an exploit in build form, and you could certainly argue DH M6 is that today, at least in terms of its effectiveness in the Realm of Trials.

    2. On T36, a common plague rat had 1 billion HP. That was amusing.

      I've actually never used Unity in a GRift. It's hard to tell whether you're not killing things fast enough or you're not surviving long enough in higher levels.

    3. I think damage input while remaining safe will be the limiting factor. It's easier to go glass cannon and try to dodge all damage through certain skill setups, but pretty disastrous if you die (especially on Hardcore). If you gear to survive, your DPS takes a big hit. You can scale your survival super high, but you will likely just barely clear or not clear the difficulty so it will always be a matter of taking the least amount of required defense in order to have the most DPS for the fastest clear. It creates an interesting scenario for Hardcore, since you usually want survivability cushions and some packs/mobs provide more difficulty than others, so you can't reliably cut corners from attempt to attempt.

    4. My predictions from Blizzcon this year include the announcement of difficulties up to T10.

      On the Unity "bug", as someone who has cleared high Grifts, I can tell you the damage reduction ceases to matter past a certain point. The massive damage loss from dropping SoJ also hurts… A lot.

    5. The higher levels are about hard counters. You don't take less damage, you heal from their damage or offscreen them so you don't get hit. In most successful groups you permanently cc everything so it doesn't even attempt any OHKOs.

      Almost everyone at high rank is essentially using maphack so they know when the instant kills are coming.

    6. Unless they make and announce some better system for items´ stats rolling, we cannot even think about going higher than TR50+ for the most of players… Every tick of Torment would, I dont know, make helmets for example increase the stat range by 15 or so (making Torment 6 items roll 701-825 of main stat instead of 626-750 which all helmets on lvl 70 do now no matter the difficulty), on weapons it would increase the damage (highly) and give players a chance to go higher in ranks, make them feel rewarded and progressing through the game difficulty…

      • As stated by the devs, the point of Grifts was never to be "beatable". However I am sure people will figure out tricks to get very, very high.

        Wouldnt be surprised if a year from now people are breaking lvl 60.

    7. Flux states that Unity is an exploit because he is a casual and can’t get past GR30. He has no idea how to play this game beyond basic mechanics. Scrub.

    8. No, what’s sad is this judgmental, reverse-elitist, non-cookie cutter attitude that floats around on this site. Its like a hipster nest in here. Yuck!

      • Don't you talk to billy idol that way.

        Flux writes lots of entertaining articles for this site. I personally enjoy his elitist jokes. If he just presented the facts with no opinion it would be very boring. I often wonder if he sometimes throws things in to help get people talking.

        Keep up the great work Flux. Love your articles/podcasts.

        • While previous posts are about as non-constructive as one could possibly be… Flux actually does make quite a few assertions on his shows that are either slightly off or flat out wrong regarding game mechanics.

          I think you may be right, that he is somewhat trolling his audience in many cases, but sometimes we have to wonder….

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