Two new #1 Leaderboard Greater Rift clears today. The first is a Wizard push by Reiko Zockt, when he very narrowly defeats a rat-infested GR59.

    Click through for the second video, a new record Monk, and for some GRift pushing vs. T6 fun farming conversation. Interested in your experiences, shared via comments.

    The Monk record is a GR59 clear by Natsuma Z, who is in something of an ongoing top Monk battle with Quinn, the former #1 record holder. (Video of his GR57 here.) This run isn’t that great on monsters or layout until the very end, when he is able to hit the Channeling AND Power Pylons he saved, and gets Stonesinger for the Guardian. DashDashDashDashDashDashDash and dead….

    We were talking about play styles and gearing up for higher GRs on the podcast last night, and like a lot of players, the powercreep in Season 3 has made me lazy. GR40-45 feels like what GR30-35 used to be, and it’s fun to be powerful and profitable, so I’ve been enjoying super fast T6 and KW farming, or racing through GR35-40, rather than pushing for higher GRifts. Obviously it’s different in Hardcore (where I play) since gearing up and changing your build from speed farming to higher GRs comes with a permanent risk, but I did that a lot more in S2 than I am so far this Season.

    Are you guys pushing higher GRs, or enjoying the speed and ease of T6? And does watching Greater Rift #1s inspire you to go higher?

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