Greater Rift 100: Hard Cap or Impossible Dream?

A fan asked if the maximum level Greater Rift 100 was meant as a goal, as something to challenge players to push further, or if it was just a hard cap ending the GRrift experience. Neither, said a Blue in reply. Greater Rift 100: Hard Cap or Impossible Dream:

Grimiku: There is some confusion that comes up from time to time about the role that Greater Rifts are intended to play, and I’d like to take a moment to help try and clear that up.

For the most part, Greater Rifts are intended to act like a yardstick (or meter stick, if we’re waxing Metric) by which players can measure the power growth of their hero, as opposed to something that is meant to be completed. Part of the confusion about the intended role of Greater Rifts might come from the fact that, during the public test phase of patch 2.1.0, there was a temporary cap in place (for testing purposes), and some players were able to reach that limit while the PTR was running. However, we never intended to allow players to reach the maximum level of what Greater Rifts offer once the system went live. In fact, for all intents and purposes, the number of Greater Rift levels currently has no limit.

There are predictable cries of outrage at this in the thread, and while most of them are just doing the thing of complaining for the sake of complaining, the larger issue deserves some debate. (Various exploits that enabled GR100 during the PTR: Exploding Palm scaling with monster hit points, Rimeheart and the Furnace dealing Crushing Blow-type damage, WD pets granting progress when killed, Zei’s Gem dealing infinite damage via DoT for a player in town.)

So, Diablo 3 Greater Rifts are not meant to be Sword Art Online, with 100 floors to complete or die trying. Should they be, though? After all, most of the content and systems in the game are designed to be completed (eventually). Torment 6, Ubers, Rifts, Item Sets, Paragon 100 (in D3v), etc. Not only are they mostly completable, but in RoS and especially since Patch 2.1, most of these things have been made much faster/easier to complete. Players used to spend hundreds of hours to gear up to MP10 or to level to Paragon 100, while the equivalent (Torment 6 and finding full class sets) can now be done in just hours or days.

So, with the game so much faster to progress through than it used to be, and players accustomed to mastering the highest difficulty level and finding the best gear quickly… I can see why some players would object to Blizzard’s attitude of, “you’ll never approach the highest level Greater Rifts.” (Though no one seems to mind Paragon levels going on forever, when they could max out at 800 or 1000.)

Do you guys agree with the design theory that Greater Rifts extend off into infinity, and there’s no way players will ever max them out? Or would you prefer that the highest level content is attainable, or at least possible to imagine obtaining?


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  1. Oh, please. If Grifts had a cap people would just whine that either:

    (a) they can't reach the cap, the game is too difficult, balance it, balance it!


    (b) I've reached the cap, there's nothing to do, where's the endgame?!

  2. I think it’s idiotic to complain about this. The game needs more endless grind systems, not less.
    Sharagon and GRifts are a good start, don’t let some impatient 14 year old kids on the BNet ruin half of that…

    • "The game needs more endless grind systems, not less."

      One of the most stupid sentence that I've heard about a game in my life.

      • Oh yes, better to remove paragon and grifts and such so that I can complete the game and be finished with it!

        Look at that, sarcasm may work in text also. Diablo has always been about grinding for better gear, better characters. More stuff to experiment with new builds. That's what we all do (all who are playing…).

      • Having a potentially endless grind takes nothing away from casual players, since they can stop any time. However it gives the game longevity since a player can always strife to improve his character and never reaches a point where there is nothing more to do.
        But please, go on. Spout more idiocy across the board.

  3. It doesn’t matter what Grift 100 is. It’s not reachable with the current itemization.

  4. The problem with their mentality is you reach early GR levels fairly quickly and powering up your character to progress beyond that point is a slow crawl. Personally, I enjoy the GR gameplay better because your loot is delayed until the end, but I have no desire to play long enough to push the higher levels.
    This wouldn’t be so bad if every Legendary Item had a use, but right now there are >30 items for each class that are BIS and if you already have a full set of BIS gear then 95% of Legendary drops are worthless.

    • I couldn't agree more.

      And even if you are equiped with the most best in slot gear with the best rolls ever you still are not going no where close to Greater Rift rank 100.

      • I think you guys are missing the point entirely. You aren't meant to reach or even approach any strict endpoint. GR100 isn't any more special than GR10 or GR1000, it's just a number on a scale, which is supposed to give you sense of your power. You feel that grinding for those absolutely perfect drops is a waste of your time? Just stop where you are, that will be your limit.

        Also, when a system pushes our characters to their limits there will always be a small number of BiS items that becomes a must after a certain difficulty. This isn't due to a design fault in the game, it's just math. True balance can only be achieved if two items are absolutely identical. Introduce any small difference though and one of them will become better overall or better in more situations.

        • It's psychology, though. People like to have an attainable end goal, even if there's no real reward for reaching it. Witness all the race to 99 mentality in D2.

          • Yeah, I guess, although I can't really understand this mentality. As someone coming from simracing, I think in a race it's good when there's no clear endpoint, where you win no matter what. I equate Greater Rifts to doing hotlapping in a sim and slowly but constantly improving my lap times and then checking how I did compared to others. The main difference is that in D3SC you'll improve no matter what, it's just a matter of time, but in HC the race is very real, because you need to know your limits to survive or stay on track so to speak. This is the main reason I'm playing exclusively HC since 2.1.

  5. My main problem with grater rifts is they were created to give an "end game" to people who play too much while shutting up the "endless dungeon" crowd at the same time, which doomed GR to fail at both. GR are not very well thought of and they feel thrown together at the last minute like paragon 1.0 was.

    On the topic, I don't see why whether or not there is a cap matters. The majority of players don't care about them once they get their gems upgraded. Because, if you play to beat your maximum level and a rift takes all 15 minutes to beat, monsters take too much time to kill and it is just so effing boring. They should have raised the amount of monsters you have to kill instead of their HP. There is already enough grind in this game as it is without having one right in the middle of the combat itself.

  6. People whining because there is content that is infinitely difficult and has endless replay potential? Awesome. GJ Blizz team!

  7. I think Greater Rifts are good as they are. However, after playing them for quite a while I really wish normal Rifts would inherit their loot system, where only the Rift Guardian drops loot. I really like that aspect of GRs.

    • No, a million times NO.

      **** jogging simulators. That is all.

      • That about sums it up. It would be Baal runs again, with more trash.

      • What the hell are you talking about? How would that result in more jogging overall in normal Rifts? It would definitely help parties though, because you wouldn't have to go back to town as soon as one party member's inventory fills up.

        • Correct way of doing GRs: Run through level, let things die via passive damage. This is ALWAYS the correct way to play when loot is not a factor. Remember WW/Rend?

          If normal ones became like that as well so much for anything that focuses on direct attacking or standing still at any time for any reason longer than one casting animation.

  8. Greater rifts are meant to see how powerful your character is, so there shouldn't be a hard cap since that would be just pointless.

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