We posted last week about some clever builds turning the Demon Hunter set Natalya’s Vengeance into the best DH set, much to the surprise of most players. The play style that works best is a high skill, click-intensive one, and here’s a great video with an amazing ending showing the first ever solo clear of a GR59 by a DH in Nat’s set, courtesy of Quirkitized.

    The vid shows the whole run, but even if you don’t care about the class or build, you really want to check out the ending, which could not be more dramatic as the 15m timer and the health of Perdition are in a neck-and-neck race to the absolute last second.

    GR59 Demon Hunter with an Amazing Finish:

    (video is auto-load, so moved below the fold. Click through to view.)

    Watch live video from Quirkitized on Twitch

    I’ve been playing a version of this build lately, and it’s so much fun. Much more active and skill-demanding than the “shoot from the edge of the screen” style of Maruader’s and the new UE set, and not all that hard to gear for either… at least when getting started.

    gr59-dh-death-timerEarly on you’re better off going with the Lightning rune on Strafe (for movement speed) and the Physical rune on RoV (for auto-targeting). Add damage to physical with bracers and amulet, since with this build 95% (or more) of the damage comes from the RoV; strafe and your generator (Focus, ideally) are really just used to CDR the RoV, until the really high GRs where every % of damage matters.

    Once you know what you’re doing, switch to Fire damage for your Strafe and especially for RoV, which you pair with the Strongarm Bracers since fire RoV provides the knockback which synergizes with those bracers’ legendary affix. The Balefire Caster hand xbow deals fire damage also, and you can do it with Nat’s ring and Magefist (more fire damage) or the biggest damage from Nat’s gloves + the Focus / Restraint rings, as Quirkitized is doing.

    At the high end the gear is quite specialized of course, with CDR and RCR everywhere, and you can see what Quirkitized is wearing via his B.net profile. One quirk is that RoV only calculates the direct damage from the main-hand weapon damage, which gives much more freedom to the off-hand. Many players go for a Calamity for the Marked for Death proc, but check out Quirkitized’s unusual choice; a 712DPS Natalya’s Slayer since he’s rolled the damage into RCR.

    The challenge of this build comes from controlling it, since you’ve got to Strafe non-stop. That’s easy on T6 since you can just go right over everything, but on higher GRs any hit will kill you, so the DH has to move side to side or away from the enemies with Strafe, while constantly shooting your generator with accuracy, and almost constantly casting RoV right on top of the enemies, since the legendary affix from the Crashing Rain belt deals huge bonus damage. (I regularly one-shot Elites just with that belt proc on T6, and I’ve got nowhere near optimized damage gear.)

    Anyone who is curious about trying a DH but has never been interested by the Marauder’s/UE “shoot off the edge of the screen” play style, especially on higher GRs, might want to give this Natalya’s build a try. Even if you don’t master it to GR50+, it’s great for just doing some T6 farming, with constant movement and what feels like infinite resource for bombing Rain of Vengance. It’s not as strong on T6 as some other builds, since the lack of super movement speed keeps it from being quite as OP as the Spin2Win Barb is these days. But DHs can’t have everything… can they?

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