Good Morning Sanctuary – GDC & Diablo 3 Podcasts

A couple of Diablo 3 morsels to chew over today.

Andrew Vestal, Senior Localization Producer at Blizzard will be holding a session at next March’s GDC to be held in San Francisco. He’ll be talking about how they go about translating and testing randomised content; 400k possible names exist in Diablo 3. Special focus will be given to conversation implementation, and the randomly constructed item and monster names and they will also demo their internally developed localisation tool. – Thanks ericbrighteyes for the tip.

There’s a series of four videos up on by Red Team Gaming in which Sibcoe and Ken discuss the state of different aspects of Diablo 3.

They’re worth a listen, as the guys have been playing the Diablo series for years and aren’t wearing rose-tinted glasses as far as Diablo 2 is concerned; there are no histrionics but rather the discussions are balanced (whether you agree with all their points or not). So pick a topic you’re interested in and tune in.

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    3 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary – GDC & Diablo 3 Podcasts

    1. I really liked listening to the Sibcoe and Ken series. Sibcoe does an excellent job with his stream in my opinion.

    2. Listened to all 4 while playing Diablo II. Probably not surprising that I agree with pretty much everything Sibcoe and Ken have to say.

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