Good Morning Sanctuary

Another Diablo 3 day begins and today I am going to share with you some of the site changes we put in place last night. To keep things more streamlined and tidy, above the news posts at the top of the page, just below the features, you can see a number of tabs. There’s tabs are for Diablo3TV where you can see the latest Diablo 3 videos, the latest US and EU blue posts, the latest forum posts and the DiabloWiki.Net updates. With the tab being a whole page worth of the latest updates there is much more information on who at once.

We have also made the changes across all the different skins and it should speed up your site experience when looking for new updates. We hope you like the changes.

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    4 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. I really prefer the old method to have everything displayed on the right for the forums (perhaps expand the list to 20-30 threads) + blues at least.

      The new method makes me a lot less likely to switch the sections over to see if there is any activity in these areas.

      • This. I liked being able to glance. 🙁
        Just the forum posts and the wiki. I like being able to tab over to see d3tv and stuff like that, though.

      • After visiting the site several times, I’ll have to agree I liked seeing the most recent forum posts and blue posts on the side.

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