Good Morning Sanctuary

It’s the weekend! This week has been a busy week for news around IncGamers, and when I was on my usual RPG news rounds for RPGReporter, I came across an update for the MMO/ARPG Marvel Heroes. After looking around the Marvel Heroes site, which I had not been to in a while, I remembered that David Brevik, who was one of the co-founders of Blizzard North, is now the President of Gazillion Entertainment. I checked the site further to see how development was going and how David’s work on the first two Diablo games would influence the gameplay on Marvel Heroes. He sums up the work he is doing pretty well in this video.

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    7 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. Free to play, eh? No thanks. I rather pay $60,- than have to constantly deal with complete morons.

      • eh?

        you mean you rather pay 60 bucks for a really poor game like “Diablo” 3 ?

        that game in this article shares more with Diablo 2 than Blizzards D3 does.

        D3 feels like an entirely independent game.

        If blizzard would not be the developer the rating would be 6.0 – 7.5 OUT of 10

    2. mmm, like SWTOR, it sounds like it would be an awesome single player game, but not sure how it works as an mmo

      it looks awesome, definitely going to try it out

    3. Despite Flux likes talking to Max, David Brevik is THE creator and father of Diablo series. He was founder and the president of Blizzard North, and credited as project lead, lead designer and lead programmer on Diablo I and II. There was even some talk about calling Diablo II, David Brevik’s Diablo II. In short, he is the one who came with the idea of Diablo.

      Also there are many ex-Blizzard North members in Gazillion since David gathered his own team. Obviously more than ex-bn members in Runic (2-3) or any other company. Here’s quote about that and D3. D3 was not supposed to be an MMO btw 🙂

      ——-Nrama: It’s so divergent from the traditional “World of WarCraft” MMORPG. What was the hardest thing to have to adapt from the classic action RPG???

      ——-Brevik: A lot of this comes from experience I have doing other projects, so I think that there have been a lot of lessons learned, a lot of technology we’ve developed since Diablo II. A lot of people on the project worked with me on Diablo and Diablo II. So I think that we have a great team that can draw on a lot of experience to create a very unique thing. There have been a lot of challenges, but I think we’ve overcome a lot of them simply because we’ve experimented with this kind of idea before in the past. A lot of this was the original inspiration we were going to go in for Diablo III. We decided not to go with it in the end, but we had thought about turning it into an MMO. It’s really time to change “MMO” and what that means. MMO for a lot of people means Everquest and World of WarCraft… so many games went down that path. But MMO is a way that you play with each other, it isn’t necessarily a type of game. So I really want to break out of that mold and make an MMO that’s more about the social aspects, the way you interact with people, and less about being a World of WarCraft clone.??

      The difference between Diablo I, II and Marvel Heroes is, Diablo is a mature-rated co-op game, Marvel Heroes will be a teen-rated Marvel MMO game.

    4. There is no light… for this game.I were one of the biggest Diablo fans.
      You nerds pee on the whole franchise.GJ

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