Good Morning Sanctuary

The other day I found my first Leoric’s Shinbone, yes my very first! I told Flux and he said it’d be interesting to see what the drop rate was, how many you’d get out of 50 for example. This meant of course I had to do it 50 times because curiosity got the better of me. Thankfully there is a waypoint just outside the back of his Manor so it was a quick route at least.  Answer is 6 bones.  Anyway, on with today’s morsels of goodness.

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    7 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. Curious, didn’t even know it had a low droprate. I’ve had 4 out of 4 so far. Good to know.

      • I got my first the 2nd time I checked that fireplace. My mistake was telling flux, who then wondered what the drop rate was which of course got me thinking – always a dangerous thing. I knew I had to test it then. I did get a few nice rares along the way though and called in a couple of people when it spawned so they could grab it.

        • And I just said that as a joke to tease you. Good thing I didn’t say 500 runs, or you’d still be at it?

    2. I was extremely lucky with mine. Got it in 5 runs. AND, My brother had been doing runs trying to find the Black Mushroom, and after I got Leoric’s Shinbone I went to where you find that and got it in the same game.

    3. On my first playthrough: I played through Normal once and had no shinbone. Played through NM once and no bone… played through Hell once and got the bone!

      …In Inferno, I’ve been two times in the Cathedral Level 1 and got 2 Black Mushrooms.

    4. Wow, I didn’t know the drop rate was so low. I’ve been through Leoric’s mansion 3 times (without repeating the area) and have found 3 shinbones. 3 for 3 baby!

      I’ve also found a ton of legendaries and I have consistent, good drops – I wonder if Blizz secretly buffed me for being such a fanboy?

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