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Yesterday we saw commodities for cash go live on the auction house which is just another piece in the RMAH puzzle slotting into place. I have to admit that I have not dabbled much in the RMAH, in fact yesterday I tested it out for the first time with a mixture of commodities and rare items. I hold out no hope in anything actually selling as I think the economy is still in flux, due to various reasons, but I wanted to see if anything would actually sell. According to this thread Elly posted last night a few of you tried it out with mixed results. So did any of you guys jump on the RMAH when commodities went live?

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  1. “I think the economy is still in flux”

    Poor flux, it must be painfull.

  2. Sold several stars I had in stock. Bought the first plan to make some enhanced star gems on the normal AH.

    Sold them all.

    I am broke now in Gold with just one Star in reserve, but at 1 Euro a star and between 3.5 and 4 Euro for the enhanced version, I am glad to see some 12 Euro in the pipe line.

    I think the RMAH got a boost in activity with the commodities.

  3. i have almost 9 dollars in my account from sales, i mostly sell 1.25-1.30 an item and see a profit of like 30 cents an auction :/ oh well, but really nothing to do with that 9 dollars.

    things i notice:

    blizzard estimates the item far more than it is worth. I constantly have to change it.

    and i know my commondities won’t sell, cause cheaper to buy with ingame gold, .25 cents per is too high, i need to be able to set these to pennies.

    i sold 2ish legendaries at like 1.40 and 2 dollars respectively though. if i do not sell at pure minimum than I will not see sales.

    • Only the higher gems sell ( star and above). The mid gems are fixed at 0.25 which is way too high.

      But those stars sold out within seconds even in Europe.

      I guess it was because I always set the price at around 5 % under the last average

  4. My first experience was about a month ago when I found a really good amulet. Never sold anything on GAH for more than 1M and this thing seemed valued at around 40M at the time. So I put it on the RMAH as kind of a test with $75 bid and $146 buyout. It sold within an hour. Paid for my copy and my wife’s, so I’m happy. Sold a couple more items totaling about $40 that same weekend and nothing has sold since.

    I’ll have to try out commodities since I have a couple thousand tomes and essence, but unless you find a godly Act 4 inferno worthy piece of equipment don’t plan on selling it for more than $2-$3.

  5. I have made ~$700 on the RMAH, topped my bnet blance at $250 first, then started having sales go directly to paypal. A couple of the items I sold were from drops, but I would say 90% are from buying good deals off the gold AH(I’m talking 50k gold for a 2-5m item sometimes, uninformed people post stuff for ridiculously low prices, you just have to find them within the first 15 seconds of them being posted or they will be gone) and then reselling on the RMAH.

    I tried my hand at selling commodities, however, until they lower the $.25/unit minimum, most things simply won’t sell. I posted thousands of essences and tomes and similar commodities literally the minute the AH went live and nothing sold. Buying commodities like gems/fiery brimstone and selling on the RMAH is also unaffective. Yeah I guess it’s a quick way to convert gold to $$, however, you will get a much better return by buying items and selling those.

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