Good Morning Sanctuary

I always thought muiltiboxing seemed an odd thing to do in a game, but WoW players have been doing it for years and of course it can be done in Diablo 3. Blizzard has always allowed it with WoW because the player owned multiple copies of the game. I do think it’s a fine line though between running third party software and multiboxing to get more bang for you buck, quite literally in Diablo 3 with the RMAH now in play.  See the one-man four player game in the video below.

Now on with some nibbles of content…


Multiboxing a Witch Doctor
Your thoughts for the day everyone….

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    23 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. I like this comment/question on youtube:

      if? you have to multiaccount to play than is the game any good?

    2. I dont like it, but it doesnt concern me. So I dont care. I dont use the RMAH, i actually stopped playing a few weeks ago. Just too boring and too tedious, this game we waited so many years for. :/

      If he wants to multibox, so be it. But Id never pay for 4 accounts…

    3. Must be really annoying when you multibox that you have to swap all the time to pick up the items.

    4. well in the video it seems that the others are some sort of “autofollowing” you cant tell much, but unless he is constantly switching wich i’ll guess he doesnt, the other toons are “botting” in a way be it simple or advanced bot, this is something to get banned at

      • The multi-boxers in wow work by replicating key presses across all of the “Computers”(VM’s usually) running the games. Completely legit in WOW, so I doubt it will be a problem in D3.

        • Unless there are human fingers controlling the character, it is a form of botting. Just because warden doesn’t detect something, that doesn’t make it ‘legit’.

    5. My thought of the day: I’m collecting screenshots of all the legendaries, and I usually just buy them cheap-like in the GAH. But there’s this one.

      The Barber. ( ) Why the hell does this actually sell for like 200k? It’s a crappy low-level dagger. I just don’t get it.

    6. Multiboxing is the reason for monster health going up +115% in inferno. If it was just +100%, it would be the best farming method. One account with a maxxed out character, 3 accounts on follow with +res all, vit, mf gear.

      • It is still the best farming method, extra hp doesn’t make much difference.

        A well geared player will easily be able to kill everything alone in a 4 player game (you need really good gear), especially in act 1 inferno. The other 3 characters could have quite bad gear for just some extra DPS and the just max out MF/GF and you will be able to make ridiculous accounts of money on your own.

    7. Hey, this is my video 🙂

      Just so it’s clear, there is no botting going on at all. I use ISBoxer and Inner Space which is currently OK to use.

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