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Waning or not waning? A Korean Game Room

Another day and articles continue to filter out about how the game’s popularity is waning, the two articles I have linked to below contradict each other entirely which highlights the change in mood since launch back in May.

So how what’s on your minds this morning?

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  1. The second link was published at may 29th 2012 and the first is published at 9th July 2012. Was that purposely left out or am i seeing the dates wrong?

  2. The dates on the articles explain it all 😉

  3. Yeah that’s what i thought 😀 would be helpful to mention the dates published i think. :mrgreen:

  4. My bad. I did see the date of the Kotaku article but I somehow thought we are still in June. 😳

  5. I’m sure the overall population of players is waning. That said, I have no interest in playing other games yet, my buddy list is still full, and I have two IRL friends getting ready to buy the game after they just tried the guest pass.

    The casuals are moving on until PvP or xPac 1.

  6. I have changed the wording slightly, should have made that clearer due to the dates 🙂

  7. Recent posts noted that the game fell dramatically on the only semi-decent american non-internal chart just a couple of weeks ago (there’s even a used copy listed for $19 this morning).

    Of course, this is all trolling – because it was a hit in the UK (not even in the top 5 of bliz national markets) as of a month ago.

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