Good Morning Sanctuary

Waning or not waning? A Korean Game Room

Another day and articles continue to filter out about how the game’s popularity is waning, the two articles I have linked to below contradict each other entirely which highlights the change in mood since launch back in May.

So how what’s on your minds this morning?

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    7 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. The second link was published at may 29th 2012 and the first is published at 9th July 2012. Was that purposely left out or am i seeing the dates wrong?

    2. Yeah that’s what i thought 😀 would be helpful to mention the dates published i think. :mrgreen:

    3. My bad. I did see the date of the Kotaku article but I somehow thought we are still in June. 😳

    4. I’m sure the overall population of players is waning. That said, I have no interest in playing other games yet, my buddy list is still full, and I have two IRL friends getting ready to buy the game after they just tried the guest pass.

      The casuals are moving on until PvP or xPac 1.

    5. I have changed the wording slightly, should have made that clearer due to the dates 🙂

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