A few nuggets of Blizzard news have appeared overnight.

    There’s a little intrigue with a new trademark filing of “Cute But Deadly” spotted by Gamespot. It’s been trademarked for printed matter, action figures and other toys and boardgames but not for videogames. I can’t see that “Cute But Deadly” can be applied to any toys coming from existing franchises so this would suggest it’s connected to one of their undisclosed projects. Perhaps they are working on something akin to Activision’s Skylanders or Disney’s Infinity, if it was attached to a game.

    After the link is the new #EvilReoborn Teaser and the new Battle.net Launcher video.

    Blizzard have released the third teaser trailer in the #EvilReborn series. It’s called ‘Trapped’.

    Some footage of the new Battle.Net Launcher which includes all Blizzard games in one single Steam-like application has been posted by HuskyStarcraft. The launcher includes all the latest news, patch notes and the ability to launch which ever Blizzard games you have installed. This is currently in beta testing.

    And if you managed to get through that six minutes and 41 seconds without losing the will to live, you’re made of tougher stuff than I.

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