Good Morning Sanctuary

Good morning folks. We’re kick-starting another summers’ morn with the Diablo nuggets below:

  • Official iPhone cases – One for each of the classes and Tyrael – yours for only $35.00
  • A preview image of the an official Sideshow Collectibles Diablo Statue that will be unveiled at Comic-Con in San Diego

It seems it’s going to be raining this afternoon as per usual so going to squeeze in some Diablo 3 and test out my Fire Bomb/Bandolier combo that I was having fun with last night.   Then Flux and I will be recording a podcast this evening.  D3 this afternoon for you guys or other weekendy things planned?

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3 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

  1. I’d like to let everyone know that Elly played like 9 hours of d3 and blew off the podcast recording. Well, you can’t fault her priorities…

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