So far it’s been an exciting week with the first v1.0.4 dev update which has generally gone down well with everyone,  and with any luck we’ll see the patch in the fourth week. There has been quite a few mentions on the timing of the patch release and  some say Blizzard are trying to push itout in time for the Guild Wars 2 launch on 28 August. With the two games being quite different, I doubt this is a factor in the timing. Sure, a lot of you may try out Guild Wars 2 in the hope it’s the MMO that will change the face of MMO gaming forever.

    However, it’s an MMO, and while the game is solid, many of the game mechanics are the same as any other MMO based on what I have played in the Beta. Diablo is Diablo and if you like it then you’ll be playing it no matter what is released, especially once the updates go live.

    Next week is Gamescom and some of the IncGamers team will  be heading to Germany on Tuesday. It should be fun and I’ll snap some shots of the action from the Blizzard stand which will be very much MoP focused I’m sure.

    Anyway, check out this pretty cool video which fmulder uncovered, it’s Diablokemon!

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