Good Morning Sanctuary

So far it’s been an exciting week with the first v1.0.4 dev update which has generally gone down well with everyone,  and with any luck we’ll see the patch in the fourth week. There has been quite a few mentions on the timing of the patch release and  some say Blizzard are trying to push itout in time for the Guild Wars 2 launch on 28 August. With the two games being quite different, I doubt this is a factor in the timing. Sure, a lot of you may try out Guild Wars 2 in the hope it’s the MMO that will change the face of MMO gaming forever.

However, it’s an MMO, and while the game is solid, many of the game mechanics are the same as any other MMO based on what I have played in the Beta. Diablo is Diablo and if you like it then you’ll be playing it no matter what is released, especially once the updates go live.

Next week is Gamescom and some of the IncGamers team will  be heading to Germany on Tuesday. It should be fun and I’ll snap some shots of the action from the Blizzard stand which will be very much MoP focused I’m sure.

Anyway, check out this pretty cool video which fmulder uncovered, it’s Diablokemon!

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    18 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. Pff, I would’ve used serenity when the arcone mode came. No crappy wizard will ever beat me!

    2. Seeing D3 is only marginally different from an MMO, it is reasonable to assume the release of GW2 will pull people away from D3. In fact besides the number of people you can interact with (player number of 4 per game/server) D3 has very minor differences compared to an MMO.

      • Actually, besides some nitpicky elements like order of button pushing, Super Mario is pretty similar to Call of Duty – nerds sit in front of a screen!

        Seriously though, while I disagree with Diablo being THAT similar to MMO, I admit that any major game release would pull gamers away from existing titles. And GW2 is a good one at that.

      • Diablo 3 isn’t an mmo and is only marginally similar. I don’t think GW2 will attract that many people away from D3 if D3 improves with 1.0.4. GW2 is a fairly good game and will appeal to MMO fans or people still playing GW.

        • GW2 doesn’t have to pull people away from D3

          it only has to be good enough to keep those people who quit D3 from going back

          • Well with Guild Wars 2 and Borderlands 2 upcoming I doubt I’ll play Diablo 3 that much… since there’s no real end game content nor pvp I just can’t bother to farm 63’s for more hours then I already have (660+) and hope to find something worthy (1.04 does a good job into the right direction tho.. but it doesn’t fix the real issues with the game…) Yeah cause finding gear right now just increases your speed to find more loot… and all that is just like running in circles endlessly. We need goals to accomplish and not these cheesy achievements that you get for just playing the game. Yeah already abit bored with the game I’ve waited several years on… I’m kinda disappointed.

            • duh, it makes perfect sense

              you have 2 choices
              1) go back to a game you quit and did not like, hoping the patch makes it fun
              2) play a new game: GW2

              or you could throw in 2 more choices
              3) wait 3 weeks for Borderlands 2
              4) wait 4 weeks for MoP

              choices 2, 3, and 4 don’t have to be good enough to pull dedicated D3 players away
              they just have to be enough fun (or have the potential of fun) to keep those who left from going back

            • No, it doesn’t make sense. They are not playing GW2 now. D3 will be updated before GW2 is out. The people who play GW2 or even Borderlands were going to play that anyway.

              As they are two very different games it would impact D3 no more than any other rpg title would affect it. Of course the same applies to games released after GW2 having an affect on GW2.

              Your point is weak.

    3. “Diablo is Diablo and if you like it then you’ll be playing it no matter what is released, especially once the updates go live.”

      true that!

      • Problem is, I don’t like Diablo 3 and I have no faith in de developers. The game is broken in its core and no patch can fix that. To me Diablo 3 is not Diablo.

    4. Unless they remove the boss enrage timers, I don’t see myself playing for long.

      Too much of a cockblock still.
      If they slowly increased the difficulty over time – ok.
      But this, is just ridiculous. One-shotting players because they can’t kill something in 3 or X minutes – on hardcore especially, that’s just daft and goes against every ethic see in diablo 1-2 so far. It’s from WoW, and it should stay there.

      I’m trying to play DIABLO,. and not WoW,.. i quit wow. Not for enrage timers,. but still.

    5. Business is business, if you don’t think that Blizzard has considered it’s announcements/patches/promises with the competition you are sadly mistaken. All the companies do this. For each customer playing GW2 (which is much more fun in my opinion) or Borderlands 2 that means that Blizzard is potentially losing out on thier 15% to 27% + rake on thier RMAH commissions. Blizzard didn’t get to where they are from being stupid.

      Also, I’d like to add my opinion on the patch, I think it has some nice changes, however I think it is too little too late. Also, the patches will not change the fact that the overall game is bland. Items will only take this game so far, you still need a fun, non repeatitive environment.

    6. it matters not for blizzard if people are pulled from Diablo3, they already left the money when they bought the game, blizzard isn’t losing anything from people who don’t play Diablo3. The bigger impact may happen to WOW though…

    7. It does matter if customers stray from D3 because this game was built around the auction house. Anyone engaging in the RMAH over a length of time will make Blizzard much more money than the 60 dollar box sale, (Most likely many have already done so) due to the large rake Blizzard receives from each sale. It is because of this that the company is now scrambling to make the game more enjoyable and to stop the bleeding of it’s customers. If your theory was correct and “they got thier money”, then why would Blizzard bother trying to appease thier customers with changes/patches (other than releasing the promised PvP)?

      If you don’t buy the auction house theory think of the sale of future expansions, keeping a solid line for the investors, as well as target groups for advertising. Keeping players in this game is paramount and Blizzard has it’s work cut out for them. The day you realize that this entire game was built/designed with the real money auction house in mind,
      is the day you’ll understand thier motives.

      • true, i completely ignored the auction house, because the state of the game right now rather sucks and there is no point to play the game any longer once you really buy all the best equipment you can get from the auction house. Changes and Patches kept coming for years for Diablo2 even without an auction house, consider it good business practice and Blizzards care for it’s fans.
        There is also no RMAH in Korea, one of Blizzards biggest markets …
        You also don’t need to use the RMAH in Diablo3, while other games are built heavily around micro transactions.
        An Expansion Pack will fix many shortcomings of Diablo3 for sure, no arguing here.
        Still my main point was that they fear more about their WOW community, that is shrinking all the time.

    8. Similar or not, it all comes to time well spent. If a game is fun and engaging, it is simply better. I’ve played all the GW2 betas so far and it’s something that hijacks your mind even when your not playing it. It’s so absolutely awesome!

      D3 is just plain boring and repetitive. Very, very limited content when compared to games like GW2. I can’t believe someone actually compared GW2 to this lousy excuse for a game.

    9. All points aside on the game changes, I just want to say I found the video pretty hilarious. I used to play pokemon religiously so it made for a very funny combination.

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