This week I have been mostly playing…not a lot. I will say it’s by choice. I had planned on progressing my Wizard, called Hazza Potta, but I have been preparing for Gamescom which is in a couple of weeks in Germany. Blizzard will once again be attending, but with nothing new to show for Diablo 3, and that fact that I am not at all interested in MoP or the SC expansion, my attentions will be elsewhere this year. I may pop by for the costume contest which is usually quite fun but other than that it will be the first show in a while where Blizzard won’t be featuring on my schedule.

    Gamescom should be exciting for the IncGamers main site team though, we have a stack of stuff to cover over a few days and there will be no rest, and knowing my luck, no beer. Of course if there is something you guys want to find out about then let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

    In other Diablo 3 news nibbles…

    • Diablo 3’s Long Term Planning Failures – Joystiq
    • Blizzard execs concerned over Windows 8 – Game Politics

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