Blizzard finally put a stop to the invulnerable Wizard bug which caused a bit of a stir yesterday, and even today mainstream videogame press were picking up on the story which may have prompted some swifter action on getting it hotfixed. When it was revealed I had to test it and see if it worked before posting the news, fortunately my character is a Wizard but it took a few goes with the old sticky sausage fingers hammering away on the skill keys. It was a pretty weird bug to get discovered quite late after release and also to have made it out QA at all is odd. Let’s hope there’s not any more of these, but rest assured someone will find them if there are. It is rather pointless taking advantage of bugs like this, it’s not like you really gain anything be doing it.

    Finally, while digging around for the RPG news, I came across a fake Secret World movie trailer which was very well done. After checking out a few of these from the same guy I spotted  a Diablo trailer had also been created. If Diablo was going to be a real movie, would you want it to be like this?

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