Good Morning Sanctuary

Blizzard finally put a stop to the invulnerable Wizard bug which caused a bit of a stir yesterday, and even today mainstream videogame press were picking up on the story which may have prompted some swifter action on getting it hotfixed. When it was revealed I had to test it and see if it worked before posting the news, fortunately my character is a Wizard but it took a few goes with the old sticky sausage fingers hammering away on the skill keys. It was a pretty weird bug to get discovered quite late after release and also to have made it out QA at all is odd. Let’s hope there’s not any more of these, but rest assured someone will find them if there are. It is rather pointless taking advantage of bugs like this, it’s not like you really gain anything be doing it.

Finally, while digging around for the RPG news, I came across a fake Secret World movie trailer which was very well done. After checking out a few of these from the same guy I spotted  a Diablo trailer had also been created. If Diablo was going to be a real movie, would you want it to be like this?

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23 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

  1. “it’s not like you really gain anything be doing it” – only access to easier items grind that you can sell for real money – who uses that?

  2. Who cares, a movie is 2 hours of entertainment, anything Diablo is supposed to last for y.. oh wait.

    Couldn’t help it =p

    • Diablo 3 will be played longer than Diablo 2 on BattleNet

      Wanna bet ?

      I Bet 1000 and raise you anything.

      The secret? its engine.

      A game’s core susccess is found in its engine. Everything else doesn’t matter much and is placed on top for the long haul.

      • I was trolling/being sarcastic. I know Blizzard will try its best, but wether it will last is yet to be seen.
        The engine has nothing to do with it. I still play Angband, if that tells you anything at all.

      • so you’re saying that D3 will last because of its engine and not because of its game design, item hunt, or “funness” ?

        wow, this is the first time I’ve ever heard you imply the game has faults

        there may be hope for you yet

        but 😆 at D3 lasting 8 years

        • Watch this game when the PVP part comes out…

          The engine is fantastic. Every game can be improved.

          BUT once you are stuck with a faulty engine (like SWTOR or WAR for example) the game is over for adapting things on top.

          Even the bigger haters of D3 can’t deny this is one “hell” of a responsive engine for an on line game.

          I agree with the few hic ups when a new zone is loaded (mobs), but this can fairly easely be cut with the PvP patch and the usual 10 seconds line up phase before the fight.

  3. “It was a pretty weird bug to get discovered quite late after release and also to have made it out QA at all is odd”
    IMHO , this bug is really hard to find in QA stage so I don’t really blame Blizzard for that – HOWEVER once it got out at least a month ago they should have catch it up quickly and fixed it but it took them more than a month and the only reason that they actually noticed it is because everyone knows about it.
    Why Blizzard doesnt have any “alerts” to such obvious bugs? if someone does not take damage or deal to much damage or moves too fast ( stuff that beyond designed gameplay ) it should pop a big red light bulb that says fix me now!

    • Actually this bug and the barbarian bug would have been found before release if they had a proper beta. They were too worried about revealing storyline and potentially ruining hype. Proper testing isn’t simply playing the game, either. Seeing how skills interact with each other when used at the same time is pretty common. I remember testing a game almost 2 decades ago and being asked to “push A on every square of the world map.” Nope, not fun, but that’s the point of testing your darn game and preventing this sort of thing.

  4. not a great trailer, wrath of the diablo is not a movie to see. black and white was all right, but we need to see the dark red of dried up blood and devil’s flames that made diablo 1 the game that is was.

    solomon kane was pretty close to diablo, I think that a true diablo movie called well, diablo would not be feasible.

    However, I would watch the shit out of the sin war trilogy made in a movie.

  5. The trailer is not bad imo. And it has the pentagram :P. I think that a movie should have a very dark setting in order to be interesting and the trailer somewhat manage to deliver that.

  6. I’m a QA Analyst myself, something like this is has like a 2% chance of getting through. Based on the quality of the testing in this game, it seems this title only had about 20 full time testers for the whole entire game.

    I’ve read the credits too, it doesn’t surprise me.

    The most recent game I game tested was Uncharted 3, we had about 80-100 testers with a database of over 20,000 bugs.

    Something like this is massive with potential for lots and LOTS of bugs… But it seems Blizzard’s culture of arrogance and secrecy is starting to catch up to them.

    • @jazzmanivan:

      And you didn’t find that? Because, you know, its a guy on a horse riding ad infinitum. QA surely was not doing a good job at this game. And look at the comments or through the YT-List, there are even more bugs! That is definitely proof. But hey, you have found 20k bugs that no player will ever see? Too bad they judge you for the handful they find, eh.

  7. If this bug is all that was found by 8 million sales/players in the last weeks, I think it is proof of fabulous programming efforts.

    I won’t discuss the thousands of fake rumours that tried – in vain- to attack Blizzard.

    Session spoofing and hex editing say Hi to all !


    • Yeah if we learned something about Blizzard is they have excellent programing skills, its not like you could change your computer clock to affect the game purchases…

    • Looks like an impostor, not a single word written in caps. The content is mindless drivel as usual though.

  8. “It is rather pointless taking advantage of bugs like this, it’s not like you really gain anything be doing it”, not sure if sarcasm.

    The main thing it did for me was to kill that impossible boss (aka Ghom). Now I can play the game again.

  9. On line mode advantage: problem solved in 2 minutes and everyone plays the same version.

    Off line mode: the problem would stay in and exploited by traders until the end of times just like D2.

    Diablo 3 says Hi to session spoofers once again 🙂

    God I love this on line game mechanic. At least now you can all play the same game instead of battling copy cracks, dupes and fake account stealing websites.

    What an epic failure D2 security really was.

    I had the impression people suddenly see the advantages of having server wise data only 🙂

    • “On line mode advantage: problem solved in 2 minutes …”

      this bug has been in existence for a month

      • Yes but it was fixed with a re starting of servers and will never see the day of Light again.

        Contrary to … an off line mode …

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