Good Morning Sanctuary

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Good Morning Sanctuary, and after days of silence, we finally got some feedback from Blizzard. The big guns were bought out with Mike Morhaime stepping in to address the community. This will explain why the CMs have been rather quiet, a plan of action needed to be put in place. Jay Wilson has come in for some quite vicious attacks from the community in the past few weeks and sadly these had become personal. It therefore seemed fitting that Mike stepped in to calm everyone down.

While Mike was non-specific in a lot of what he said, and I have seen his comments taken completely out of context on some general news sites (especially over DRM), he did the right thing by at least attempting to calm the situation. We have seen posts like this from Mike before and he usually only releases a statement if a situation has got serious enough, and in Diablo 3’s case things were getting nasty. From the post by Mike we can at least understand that Blizzard are wanting to fix the problems and they feel passionate enough about the franchise to really take a long hard look at the game and get it fixed.

Some of the comments I have read following the statement were calling for some sort of admission that Blizzard had screwed up badly with Diablo 3, but I think the statement and the issues highlighted in it are enough of an admission. We can take some comfort that we may end up with a game worthy of the Diablo name eventually but they have to make sure they address the important issues and understand why players have put the game down. This didn’t always come across in the points highlighted by Mike in the statement.

We are unfortunately going to have to wait for changes to happen, but we have played the Diablo 3 waiting game already so we should all be pros at it now.

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    11 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. How is it you think they will fix diablo 3? I don’t see them remaking the entire game.

      • Seriously? The entire game is shit? Maybe you should just go play something else, because Diablo 3 is not going to be overhauled.

    2. To me, it seems like the “vocal” minority was more of the Vocal Majority who found fault in the game, and now are becoming the minority since well, they left, and Blizzard is now doing damage control to try to get more people to stay. I could be wrong. I don’t care, I haven’t played the game since in about a month.

    3. Fix problems …

      What problems ?

      The session spoofing that was a lie ? … And never was
      The Blizzard security that was supposed to have been breached ? And never happened.
      The enormous problem of not being able to play for 3 hours in the first 2 days ? And no down time since the start of … June.
      The on line only problem? While thousands of other web games, I Pad games, MMO’s were already on line only for several years.
      The fact duping was ONCE for an hour on Asian servers only and that was rectified in 6 hours time ?

      The non proven hex code crack ? The non proven dupes and other invented stories supported by fake videos ?

      So tell me apart from the Legendaries that will get a boost and the missing PvP, how many played this game for 200+ hours and then were confronted with their own limitedcapacity in eye hand coordination and then whine on trolled forums…

      Yeah, huge problems with that kind of fan mentality.


      • [email protected], I sincerily admire your persistence. It shows strong character… or at least an incredible alter ergo that can only come to life in the… internet.

        But, your fanboism is so out of control that in spite Blizzard assumed some problems you can still deny them. You’re an unbelievable extrimist. You should learn that everything has pros and cons… yes, even D3 has cons.

    4. Am I being too cynical, or did this insult anyone else:

      “Regarding the real-money auction house, our primary goal for including this in the game was to provide convenience and peace of mind for those players who might otherwise turn to third-party services to buy items. ”

      I actually like a lot about diablo3, and i plan on playing for a while and getting the xpac and everything, but this seemed disingenuous.

      Edit: to clarify, I think their primary reason for a RMAH was to make money, not to stop a black market

    5. Why do people who hate the game in varying degrees persist in hanging around here? There are other games out there they could be playing.

      that statement had to be made now they were silent for too long.

      I love that 3d model. Kudos.

    6. Oh come on, don’t you guys start trying to spoil the game for me too! I like to read the news here and actively avoid the imo childish, unfounded and unbounded criticism found on the Blizzard forums.

      • lolunfounded?

        You’d better stick to staying in solo games, then, and not going, like, anywhere on the internet?

        Or hanging out in Thrall’s altar built to his own stupidity.

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