Good Morning Sanctuary

G’day one and all. Hope you had a pleasant Diablo 3 night session. Some news nuggets to get the day started which includes some sad news of teen who died due to not looking after himself while playing the game. Remember, always take breaks, can’t stress that enough,

  • The way Diablo 3 could become an eSport
  • Taiwan Teen Dies After 48 Hours Gaming
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    13 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. Very sad news indeed, at 18 he would’ve had his whole life ahead of him. Dying alone like that…any other gamers of faith out there, let’s say a prayer for him today.

      • LOL. Considering Darwins theory of evolution was basically made obsolete by none other than technology itself… I would have to consider nominating this bottom feeder for a Darwin award.

        Thanks for removing yourself from the gene pool kid!

        • Completely agree. How the hell does someone forgo the basics (eating, sleeping..) to such a degree that it can kill you? I have had marathon gaming sessions (all-nighters) but this is just flat out ridiculous when you forgo the necessities.

          Darwin at it’s finest.

    2. I hope it never becomes an esport. I don’t want that element in the community at all.

    3. It is pretty clear that Blizzard will reserve the esport for this engine in their upcoming Blizzard All Stars.

      The engine used in Diablo 3 is simply superb for an on line game.

      So they will use it for their DOTA game.

      • I hope so. Especially considering if you want to talk about games that are epic fails, I have had access to the Valve version of Dota2 beta for some time now and it is even a bigger disappointment than d3 is and has been.

        No joke. Its that bad.

        High hopes for the Bliz Dota 2, but not expecting too much after how bad d3 has been

    4. yeah i’m struggling to understand how a person can play D3 for 40hrs straight. Yeah its a good game but good enough to play for 40hrs straight with no food/water/exercise?… no way its anywhere near that good !?!?

    5. I love to play Diablo 3. Opinions do differ. And many will agree with either of the 2 camps.

      But even the most fanatic haters can’t deny one thing:

      The engine behind D3 is superb for an on line game. It would kill any other Dota like game on the market.

      So The esport in Blizzard’s upcoming Dota will be the main focus for that game.

      The PvP in D3 will be casual and just for fun.

      I can understand the motivation of the long term playing value in a pure PVE game. The only long term play these days is games with PvP.

      It was sursprising the PvP part in D3 was put on hold… I really think D3 was rescheduled and redesigned in the last year instead of 6 years.

      It surprises me that Rob Pardo didn’t follow his own rule: Blizzard games are played because they are always based on a players competition.

      They overestimated the long term grinding value of gear as a valid competition without an armory or other mmo elements.

      But I think everyone can agree: the responsiveness of the on line engine in D3 is fabulous, no matter what you might think of the gear grind.

      That’s why everyone who played the PvP part at BlizzCon had so much fun.

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