Each day we’ll be kicking the day off with a hearty greeting from the Diablo: IncGamers team and picking out some of the more general news related to Diablo 3 that happened overnight, if there is any of course. This is  also a great way to start another Diablo 3 day.

    A couple interesting screenshots appeared too.  The first certainly epitomises the ‘You will Die’ promise Blizzard made about inferno just prior to release and the second is a pretty sad state of affairs really.   A gold farm stocking up on gold for sale.

    I lost count of the number of spam reports I sent last night. I really hope Blizz have people watching for those and reacting to them instantly, let’s hope it’s not a case of pissing in the wind.

    So what did you get up to in Diablo 3 overnight? Share your tales, thoughts and stories in the comments.

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