Good Morning Sanctuary

Each day we’ll be kicking the day off with a hearty greeting from the Diablo: IncGamers team and picking out some of the more general news related to Diablo 3 that happened overnight, if there is any of course. This is  also a great way to start another Diablo 3 day.

A couple interesting screenshots appeared too.  The first certainly epitomises the ‘You will Die’ promise Blizzard made about inferno just prior to release and the second is a pretty sad state of affairs really.   A gold farm stocking up on gold for sale.

I lost count of the number of spam reports I sent last night. I really hope Blizz have people watching for those and reacting to them instantly, let’s hope it’s not a case of pissing in the wind.

So what did you get up to in Diablo 3 overnight? Share your tales, thoughts and stories in the comments.

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    20 thoughts on “Good Morning Sanctuary

    1. I’ve been reporting gold spam since launch week – hasn’t slowed them down yet. It’s clear Blizzard either doesn’t care or secretly condones their behavior.

    2. I question Bashiok.

      Really I do.

      Why? The crafting system in this end game is simple but at the same time so rewarding that I doubt he even leveled his BS or jewelcrafting.

      Perhaps it is only 1% or’ so who is seriously into these highest level professions…

      But No problem with me. Apparently the fewer that see this, the more profit for me.

    3. Morning Elly,

      As stated in some of the other comments I made, I am living and working in China and been here for nearly 14 Years now on and off.
      I’ve seen active goldfarming here, on smaller and larger scales.
      And al while an impressive little picture you posted there, it just doesn’t look like a Goldfarming related picture. But it could just be me, speaking out of my rear while actually living here.
      Would you happen to have access to a higher definition picture of that photo?
      It just appears a too uncommon of a set-up for goldfarming, from what I see on the pic.

      I’d be happy to follow this through via PM if you are really interested. 🙂


    4. I think the main problem that is causing people to become bored is the lack of interesting drops. Right now the only thing worth getting is a good rare item (and a very limited handful of uniques with the correct roll). In D2 we had runes and runewords, perfect socketed items to put those runewords in, charms, jewels, more gem types, many more useful and interesting set items/uniques. It all adds up. Even items are pretty boring. You’re looking for main stats, all resist and a handful of others like MF/GF, IAS and LoH. There’s no really interesting item affixes that are worth finding.

      Blizzard just removed too much without adding anything new in terms of item hunting.

      • Well, again, NONE of that stuff was in the original D2 release.

        Most of it didn’t start showing up until the expansion a year later, and even then, the original rune words were kind of lame compared to what followed in even later patches:

        This IS a sequel to the complete D2 though, I may be giving Blizz to much credit that they’ll follow through…

        • I’m well aware of that, but as you said, this is the sequel. They took 2 steps back and no steps forward in terms of items and loot. D3 took away so much, and added nothing new to fill the void. I can understand removing some old mechanics to make room for new ones, but there is nothing new in terms of loot and they removed basically everything. Hell, even elemental damage effects were removed and replaced solely with cosmetic differences. There’s just no substance to items in D3. At all.

          • Several improvements over D2 are in.

            Jewel hunting and crafting is but one.
            Blacksmith plans is another one.

            Those 2 are extremely awarding when playing in the end game.

            D3 is no longer a game just to find the next random i lvl 63, if you want you can craft and gathering these mats is quite entertaining in both the leveling part as in the end game.

            Commodities in the end game are very rewarding to trade at the moment. More than gear.

            It will be interesting to see how these commodities will behave in the next patch and introduced in the rmah.

            There are other added features such as achievements both in softcore as hardcore. While the engine of D 3 stands miles above the D2 very old mode.

            don’t exagerate. A lot of things were also added in D3.

            • I’m talking about finding loot and items… achievements mean nothing to me and never will, and the engine has nothing to do with items.

              I’m not sure what you mean by jewel hunting, I assume you’re talking about gems. How are gems an improvement? They removed 3 types of gems and just added more levels to the whopping 4 gem types available. They just took the horadric cube and added a price + recipe pages/books to combine them. You can’t even socket items anymore.

              Blacksmith plans (which I’ve found 2 plans in about 200 hours of play and both were completely useless) aren’t really anything new or exciting. It’s basically crafting except with all random properties. Hell, blacksmithing/jewelcrafting were such a ripoff with gold costs until a few weeks ago. High level items still aren’t worth crafting in my opinion until you’ve gotten lucky enough to find something that sells for a ton of gold on the AH. With low level items I’ve crafted 15-20 of the same items at times before I’ve gotten anything useful… I couldn’t even imagine doing that looking for a useful infero Act III+IV item that costs 50K + mats to make.

              Face it, basically nothing was added to loot/items that adds any depth. I’m not sure how trading magic dust is exciting, but I guess I expected Diablo 3 to be based on finding interesting loot, not selling stuff on the AH.

    5. I finally understand why Flux, Elly, et al. are constantly sympathizing with Blizz rather than the majority of the players: this site depends on us being interested in playing a game with a shitty endgame (the meaning of which both Ars Technica and Kotaku missed out on…but they did make the whining fan base sound like entitled losers, so I understand why Incgamers, always on the side of the game, would want to call attention to them.)

      • What? Do you even READ this site?

        Flux and Elly, and others here, are plenty critical, and have been repeatedly flamed for “negativity”.

        Everybody’s entitled to their own choice of criticisms, and they may have a different inventory of complaints than you do, but to call them uncritical is just incorrect.

        • Weird isn’t it, how different people see it. This made me smile (in a nice way)…may frame it …. “constantly sympathizing with Blizz” – bet you never thought you’d see that on a comment here eh :p

    6. I think people need to let the game mature and stop being little bitchy whiners about it. Don’t expect it to be perfect out of the box that is never the case with anything see Operating Systems, very new hardware etc.

      I think people need to give atleast till the pvp patch to let it improve and go in the right direction which I believe it is.

        • I paid for the collector’s edition. I also played D2 when it was new and knew then that it would work out. I think in this day and age we are accustomed to too much instant gratification. D2 had issues aswell, but social media wasn’t present then to heighten every single discussion to the point of excess that we see now. I bet all of you complaining now will still be when things improve drastically down the road.

          In D3 the grind is about better gearing instead of getting to lvl 99 and I think for some that just isn’t the same. I’ve only been at my Monk for 200ish hours and I didn’t exactly have a cheater class where things were easier pre 1.03 and you could die with little consequence and come back and die till it was zerg killed. I actually had to keep improving my gear through constant Butcher runs etc. and now I’m nearing the point of being capable of act 3 without much needed extra kiting or dying and I got there through constant grinds of getting better gear through farming act 2. I’m not whining cause I guess I don’t see the same arguement and I guess I can play this game at a slower pace because I’m accustomed to it and I actually have a fulltime job to come back to so any trips back to sanctuary are a much needed reprive from work.

    7. I don’t like Diablo III because the Cydea boss fight was disappointing. Everything else is perfect though.

      But that one boss fight made me set my copy aflame along with my own house and my neighbor’s cat. That’s how angry and disappointed I was by Cydea and consequently Diablo III as a whole.

      • I meant Magda. Or maybe not. I really have no idea what I’m talking about because I’m very hurt and disappointed by Blizzard’s lack of passionate investment in my own idiosyncratic personal desires as a fan. I’m taking that resentment out upon the female villains of the game perhaps due to some veiled, hitherto unobserved misogyny on my part, which makes me very disappointed in myself and my unconscious backwardness toward women in general. That’s something I will have to discuss with my therapist.

        But the real point here is this: I am ten times more disappointed with Diablo III and Blizzard than I have ever been with anything else (including myself) in my whole entire life.

    8. I think it’s understandable that people who spent a decade playing D2 want to spend a decade playing D3, too.

      And right now, they’re not sure that they’re going to be able to do that. Only time will tell for sure, of course. (I didn’t play D2 when it first came out, so I’m not sure how many people thought they’d be playing it 10 years later a month after the release.)

      However… there aren’t that many games that have that kind of legs. If D3 doesn’t last 10 years, that doesn’t mean Blizzard did something “wrong.” Most games don’t last 10 years. The likelihood of ANY given game lasting that long, including D3, is very low to begin with.

      I think Blizzard probably DOES want to make D3 a game that has the kind of legs D2 did, and I’m pretty sure they thought they’d given it their best shot. (And maybe it will. Again, only time will tell.)

      But capturing lightning in a bottle is hard thing to do — far more people try than succeed. If there was a guaranteed formula X+Y+Z=best game of all time, everyone would use it and we’d never be stuck with substandard games. But there isn’t — they have to put together something that they THINK is going to be a fantastic game, run it up the flagpole, and see if anyone salutes.

      :shrug: Personally I’d hate to see games with a definite ending disappear from the market. (My favorites among recent games are Portal and Portal 2, both of which were rather short games.) I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a game that ends. I know that quite a few longtime fans didn’t WANT D3 to be a game that ends, but that means it wasn’t the game they wanted, not that it’s a bad game per se. (Of course, one could also think it’s a bad game irrespective whether it has an endgame. Personally I’m quite enjoying it, but obviously MMV on that.)

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