Golden Resplendent chest drops are bugged, and a big buff to their drops is coming in a future patch. Rejoice and prepare for loot-splosions?

    The golden chests were buffed a bit in RoS, but as we’ve joked on the podcast, they went from dropping crap to dropping crap + gems. Admittedly, shiny crap is better than just plain crap, but it’s still not much of a sandwich, thus I hope you join me in welcoming out new golden overlords.

    Loot-splosion time!

    Loot-splosion time!

    There was a bug associated with Resplendent Chests that was causing them to drop the incorrect loot for their type. This was basically a holdover from prior to 2.0.1 where stacks of Nephalem Valor affected the loot that would drop from these chests, and unfortunately it was missed in the original 2.0.1 patch. Because it involves code that’s a little deeper than the surface, it’s not something we’re able to hotfix and will require a patch to address.

    It’s a complex game with a lot of code, bugs happen.
    Nevalistis: Pretty much this. We have a lot of fantastic folks working on this game, but ultimately they are all human, and this was a result of human error. For that, we apologize. We do our utmost to catch everything we can, but when things slip through the cracks, the best we can provide is as quick a resolution as possible. It’s why your threads, reports, and feedback are so important, and we can’t thank you enough for helping us track down these sneaky little buggers. 🙂

    Some of you “returned for RoS” people might not even remember, but DiabloWikiNephalem Valor was a feature patched in shortly after Diablo 3’s launch. In that system a character gained Magic Find, Gold Find, and +experience with each stack of NV, up to 5. And 5 stacks were required to trigger numerous special drops, such as Keys from KeyWardens and Organs from Ubers, and Crafting Recipes from special Sub-Bosses. Normal Elites, plus Purples and Golden Chests gained a bonus item drop when killed with 5 stacks, and that’s where the Resplendent Chest bug the Blue mentioned came in.

    With the Nephalem Valor system Bliz must have set golden chests to drop junk at the base, since they got turned up considerably by stacks of NV. And that bit of code was buried in some spreadsheet, probably the programmer who implemented it has long since left the company, and no one noticed it when they changed to Loot 2.0 and dropped the NV system entirely, while everyone kept wondering why Golden Chests dropped such junk.

    If this series of events seems improbable, ask a friend who programs for a living or even as a hobby, and watch him nod slowly while tears track through the Cheetos residue dusting his plump, pasty cheeks.

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