Gold in Diablo 3: is there enough? Bonus weekend!

Greed's Domain: Bring a shovel.

Greed’s Domain: Bring a shovel.

With Patch 2.1 approaching the live stage, Blizzard is throwing players a golden party this weekend, with extra Gold Find for everyone.

Our first major content update for Reaper of Souls is almost here! In preparation for patch 2.1.0 and the new content it brings, all players who log into Diablo III this weekend will receive a +50% bonus to Gold Find.

This bonus Gold Find period begins in the Americas region tomorrow, August 22, at 12:00 a.m. PDT and ends on Tuesday, August 26, at 3:00 a.m. PDT (when maintenance begins). Please note that this buff will stack multiplicatively with existing bonuses including those provided from items and Paragon points.

Thank you so much for your feedback, your patronage, and for being a part of our community. We hope you have fun this weekend, and we’ll see you in patch 2.1.0!

As the Blue notes, the +50% is multiplicative. It won’t just add 50% more to the 1500% Gold Find you already have, but will stick the 50% on the left side of the equation so your increased DiabloWikiGold Find from gear, DiabloWikiParagon points, and DiabloWikiDifficulty level will be multiplied by the 50%… making for some really big, DiabloWikiGreed-sized stacks.

I’m curious about the larger issue of Gold in Diablo 3. Is there enough? Is a bonus weekend really a perk, to many/most players? Are most people still broke, in Reaper of Souls?

Back in early RoS everyone who didn’t bring a bunch of gold over from D3v was broke all the time, due to gem upgrade and enchanting costs. Eventually though, most players (especially in Softcore, where gear doesn’t vanish) had upgraded their gems and enchanted their best items. Also, back in May in Patch 2.0.5 Blizzard changed Gold Find to be multiplicative, which hugely boosted the gold stacks on higher Torment levels.

So… is there enough gold now? Is 50% more for a weekend a perk? Survey time:

Do you now find enough gold in Diablo 3?

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  1. I always have enough gold, but only as long as I'm not hoard crafting/rerolling legendary items. My gold stock has stayed in the 50-100 million range. My gold income increased quite a bit when I got into farming T4+.

  2. Interesting that in the early vote returns the leading option is "not bad" and then 2nd place is a tie between way too much and way too little. Opinions differ!

  3. As usual, dichotomy between T4+ and T3-… The T2/3 is not enough rewarding.

    About the topic, I run into bad luck enchanting which sucked my gold and souls (25 attempts to get an affix from ten available). Increasing enchanting costs are really a double punishment for bad luck (not bad play). And the legendary I enchant is purgatory for my build…

  4. Would love for the base stack to be increased by a few gold.

  5. I’m pretty much always at or near ZERO gold. But it is not too bad. An hour of farming and I get what I want.

    I don’t use the vey best gems because of this, but I understand it needs more effort than I am really able to put into the game.

  6. Only PC who gets +50% gold?

  7. Gold is pretty off in D3. You really get no gold at all compared to D2. 10k average for one elite pack on T2 is pretty laughable. Same goes for the item selling. The prices in D2 were much more better and made rare items worth selling. In D3, rare items are best to be salvaged. And don’t get me even started on legendary item vendor price.

    • Odd you say so, as D2's gold and lack of gold sinks is usually used as an example of the worst design in the entire game.

      The general experience of most D2 players was that gold had virtually no purpose in the end game, and wasn't even worth picking up. Perhaps if there'd been auto pickup that would have been a bit different, though I knew plenty of people who would just throw a million gold down in town and exit the game, since the only thing to spend it on was gambling jewelry with about a 1/10000 chance of something useful.

      • @Flux: That the problem. In D2, gold was pretty useless in the end game and there was abundance of it. As you said, only use for it was the gambling. But in D3, the gold has many uses and for example gem crafting is very expensive, but yet the gold is in deficit. It kind of a paradox.

  8. I generally have enough gold until I need to start rerolling a non craftable legendary. Took me 17m to get my Jeram the way I wanted it to be and that was only one item.

    • How does this even happen?

      I never have enough souls, but I have infinite gold, more or less.

      The most souls I've ever had stockpiled was like 5, and yet my gold increases by leaps and bounds. And this is without me having any GF gear or putting any Paragon points in it, etc. Maybe it's because I play all six characters and thus am trying to enchant legendary items for every class all the time?

  9. When you start crafting gems, 100 million can be run through in no time… And that 100 million I just burned took me 8 or 9 months to accumulate. Gem crafting still W-A-A-A-Y too expensive!

  10. You can accumulate gold pretty well by picking up all the blues and especially yellows and selling them. But rolling gems or doing a bunch of crafting burns though it very quickly. 50% increase in vendor prices would have been a nice part of this. 🙂

  11. I think it would be a really great idea for them to introduce “artifacts” that drop on occasion…grey items that are solely to sell to a collector of fine art or archaeological finds for great deals of money…surely there are collectors and prospectors and archivists in the world of Sanctuary that have a great deal of money to buy ancient angelic/demonic artifacts or ancient weapons and armor used by previous heroes…

  12. My money has decreased from 500 to 140 mill since RoS release. Hope Greed can bring some money. The normal drops are nowhere near enough

  13. I have alternates and I check them from time to time, so some gold was spent on rerolls from the initial 500mi (iirc). When they announced greed's domain I burned gold and now I'm around 50mi.

    When dealing with alternates and bad rerolls, if RNG doesn't let you stomp T4 properly (Mask of Jeram, where 😮 ), gold isn't enough, imo.

  14. ” … your increased Gold Find from gear, Paragon points, and Difficulty level will be multiplied by the 50%”

    … so, what you are saying is that this weekend I will find exactly half as much gold as I would on a regular weekend?
    I’m glad I don’t have time to play at all this weekend!

    … Sorry, couldn’t resist it 😛

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