No Gold in Greater Rifts, Because Reasons

The DiabloWikiStormshield is back.

Update: The display issue with Stormshield has been fixed. As a result, the ability for this item to drop has been re-enabled in patch 2.1.1!

Progress Orb candy.

Progress Orb candy.

In other more impactful Blue post news, one of the most evident gameplay changes in Greater Rifts is the lack of gold or item drops. This is still a surprise to some players, hence a new question and Blue reply. No Gold in Greater Rifts, Because Reasons:

I have been trying a build to collect gold in greater rifts and noticed that the boon of the Hoarder gem does not drop gold from enemies i kill in greater rift. Is it a bug or is it intended?

I think it should work just like any other gem in G-rifts because that’s part of it’s charm and usability to help advance in G-rifts.
Vaneras: That is intentional.

We implemented a hotfix not so long ago that stopped Boon of the Hoarder (as well as a few other items) from dropping gold in Greater Rifts:

  • DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder, DiabloWikiGoldskin, DiabloWikiGladiator Gauntlets, and DiabloWikiThreatening Shout (Grim Harvest) should no longer drop gold in Greater Rifts (29/8)
  • The theme of Greater Rifts is that they’re speed runs without distractions or foreign elements, such as chests, events, quests, empty dungeons, destructibles, etc. And gold and items dropping from monsters would definitely be distractions. The bigger issue at the high end though, is that various items proc powerful bonuses based on gold picked up or chests opened.

    Blizzard seemed to decide that those sorts of procs/bonuses didn’t belong in Greater Rifts. Which is okay, I guess… but it’s kind of odd in retrospect. Look at how many other legendary item buffs and procs there are, with more added every patch. Why were the handful triggered by picking up gold the only ones deemed unacceptable in Grifts? If the devs wanted gold to not be a factor in Grifts, they could easily make it drop in just stacks of 1. That way no one would bother to detour to pick it up, but players who depended on gold for the procs on their gear wouldn’t be forced to change around their equipment just to go Grifting.

    Or is DiabloWikiGoldwrap + Boon of the Hoarder = 100,000,000 armor during heavy battles really the most OP legendary item proc in the game?

    Click through for some recent discussion from Wyatt Cheng about how Grifts evolved into their “no items/gold” state, during the early internal testing.

    Nevalistis: What’s the most exciting thing about Greater Rifts?

    Wyatt: For me… the fact that we defer all the loot to the end of the rift. That was kind of surprising. We did that during internal play testing, and people would comment that they were trying to beat the 15m time limit, but they couldn’t resist going to pick up the loot. So we thought let’s try just not dropping any loot and seeing how that goes. We’ll take all the legendaries you might have gotten in that 15m time, and backload them to the Rift Boss drop.

    I actually find it a very refreshing way to play, where I just focus on clearing monsters and I get a huge payout at the end.


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    1. I personally can't think of any situation where gold dropping would ultimately be all that useful. Say you did use a Goldwrap with Boon of the Hoarder. Goldwrap only provides its bonuses for a few seconds. If you're depending on that for your survivability, it might help you clear the rift faster, since there are always things to kill to generate more gold and this more defense, but you're likely going to die against the Rift Guardian. Those fights take minutes and usually you're not killing anything while you fight them. Perhaps you would gain an advantage against RGs that spawn trash (Bone Warlock, The Binder, etc.), but even then it's not dependable.

      You might say, "Oh, just leave a trail of gold leading up to the RG and then kite it back along the path to keep refreshing your Goldwrap buff." Same issue though. This takes time not only to set up, but also to execute. Again, I can't think of every possible solution and I'm sure someone could game it to perfection, but I really believe that the reason gold doesn't drop is because it does go against the spirit of the journey being about the fights and fights only.

      Taking out bodies/clickable and thus making Harrington Waistguard is a welcome decision because it removes multiple layers of RNG (Do you have the belt? Did your rift have lots of clickables?) that would actually also seem in line with a removal of pylons in rifts, too, which I think should be highly considered for Season Two.

    2. If GRifts dropped gold, the items that proc off gold pickup would become mandatory (Goldwrap, Kymbo’s etc). That kills gear diversity.

      I like the focused feel of GRifts. Kill, kill, kill, get paid. Heck, I even prefer not having the temptation to kick over every corpse or pick up every yellow item drop. Just think we should get paid more (in terms of loot and possibly EXP) at the end of it all. Hopefully they will continue to tweak the GRift rewards, because once you have your LGems levelled, it does kinda feel a bit lacking, compared to T6… at sub-GR30 anyway.

      • People keep thinking of GRifts as an alternate farming mode. It's not. You shouldn't expect to be rewarded nearly the same as farming regular rifts because that's not supposed to be the intent of GRifts. They're supposed to be there as a Legendary Gem delivery system and a mode that you enter when you want to compete against others and test the limits of your character.

        If you want items, farm regular rifts.
        If you want glory, farm GRifts.

        This is the way it should be. Not every game mode giving you the exact same result or possibility of results. Different game modes with different, distinct purposes.

        • I'm sure you are correct for higher level Grifts, but for characters just getting into them, they can be the best place for legendary drops. A player who can just do T1 does not see many legs from normal rifts, but will get 1-2 almost every Greater Rift, starting at GR1.

          Of course they'd also be short on Trial Keys, but the "clear GR1 in 5m, portal out, do 2 bounties, return at 11:30 for Grift boss" technique is an easy exploit.

        • Higher level Grifts tend to be better for finding legendaries than T6 Nephs. Let's say you're in a proper Raekor's + Vile Ward build, blasting through Grifts in 5~10 minutes and popping the Guardian with a conduit pylon. You're looking at a legendary return rate of up to one leg every 1 minute and 33 seconds or so at the high end. I'd say the return rate for Nephrifts is more akin to one every 10 minutes. Even if just barely clearing the Grift you're still looking at a good chance of one legendary every five minutes, since you literally have to clear it in under fifteen minutes and the boss almost always drops 3 legs in the deeper levels.

          If Greater Rifts weren't rewarding and you had to keep playing Nephalem Rifts to be making any progress, then I think people would get kind of pissed about those "useless" Trial Keystones stacking up (and some are pissed, anyway).

    3. Yup, agreed and I do realize the intent with GRifts was the competitive aspect of things.

      What I’m saying is that the style of gameplay introduced with GRifts is actually preferable for me. In a sense I’ve been spoiled by not having to stop every 5 seconds to pick up something.

      If rewards were equalized between the two modes, players would have more freedom to enjoy the game as they wanted. But anyway, I digress.

    4. GRs, in their current state are worthless and broken. With people randomly hitting a half billion defense or more, they'd still be worthless and would be more broken.

      Blizzard seems curiously unaware of the practical value of gold, but not letting that sort of thing work there is for the best.

    5. Agree with Katniss as the game offers variety in play style by choosing different rift scenarios. I'm a pretty casual player, but I appreciate the fact we have this kind of control. Back in the day all we really had was the same campaign maps to run over and over.

      I love the fact there are no distractions in a GR and you can really just focus on the kill-em-all click frenzy. I usually keep a Harrington's on my WD but just switch to Hellcat/Razor/etc… when going GR. I think Goldwrap + BotH would be OP in a GR and could skew some leader boards.

      BTW if you have an old puzzle ring on your follower you can still get a goblin in a GR. I have seen this several times but no big payout on kill. They seem to just leave the trail of gold and then poof away like any other monster when you defeat it. Probably cannot spawn a portal either.

    6. Honestly I don't see the difference between the gold-based "must-have gear" and the other variants of "must-have gear" like Furnace, Tasker & Theo, Unity, SoJ. Why is one type arbitrarily okay and working as intended vs the other not? People who are competitvely running Grifts will find the best means regardless and it shuts down a playstyle from everyone else because…?

    7. My pet peeve with Grifts is that the Guardian doesn't give you a goldsplosion when he dies. I'd like to have the Gold Find stat, of which 1/16 of your Paragon tab is devoted to, to at least have some tiny use in Grifts. Make it so our Paragon tab gets locked when we start a Grift and give us a gold splash at the end. I suppose Boon of the Hoarder has made gold a moot point, but then I would question the need for Gold Find to be a paragon stat at all. I suppose for Seasons?

    8. Um, the reason it was done away with in Grifts, is because with boon gem and the item that gives you armor for gold picked up. People were getting 24billion toughness from a gem and 1 item. Wouldn’t have been long before people were running level 50+ grifts with garbage gear because of it.

    9. I think the hotfix was a terrible decision. If gold dropped is a distraction preventing you from getting a good time, that's your problem. Gold is not the same as legendaries. I initially agreed with them making gold not drop outside of Boon of the Hoarder, but with all the pickup gold effects I've changed my mind. Pickup radius actually matters for witch doctor, and a Boon of the Hoarder in an Avarice Band could be useful, if Sacrifice was actually useful in the current game. They should really make this game of questionable use work in greater rifts.

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