The DiabloWikiStormshield is back.

    Update: The display issue with Stormshield has been fixed. As a result, the ability for this item to drop has been re-enabled in patch 2.1.1!

    Progress Orb candy.

    Progress Orb candy.

    In other more impactful Blue post news, one of the most evident gameplay changes in Greater Rifts is the lack of gold or item drops. This is still a surprise to some players, hence a new question and Blue reply. No Gold in Greater Rifts, Because Reasons:

    I have been trying a build to collect gold in greater rifts and noticed that the boon of the Hoarder gem does not drop gold from enemies i kill in greater rift. Is it a bug or is it intended?

    I think it should work just like any other gem in G-rifts because that’s part of it’s charm and usability to help advance in G-rifts.
    Vaneras: That is intentional.

    We implemented a hotfix not so long ago that stopped Boon of the Hoarder (as well as a few other items) from dropping gold in Greater Rifts:

  • DiabloWikiBoon of the Hoarder, DiabloWikiGoldskin, DiabloWikiGladiator Gauntlets, and DiabloWikiThreatening Shout (Grim Harvest) should no longer drop gold in Greater Rifts (29/8)
  • The theme of Greater Rifts is that they’re speed runs without distractions or foreign elements, such as chests, events, quests, empty dungeons, destructibles, etc. And gold and items dropping from monsters would definitely be distractions. The bigger issue at the high end though, is that various items proc powerful bonuses based on gold picked up or chests opened.

    Blizzard seemed to decide that those sorts of procs/bonuses didn’t belong in Greater Rifts. Which is okay, I guess… but it’s kind of odd in retrospect. Look at how many other legendary item buffs and procs there are, with more added every patch. Why were the handful triggered by picking up gold the only ones deemed unacceptable in Grifts? If the devs wanted gold to not be a factor in Grifts, they could easily make it drop in just stacks of 1. That way no one would bother to detour to pick it up, but players who depended on gold for the procs on their gear wouldn’t be forced to change around their equipment just to go Grifting.

    Or is DiabloWikiGoldwrap + Boon of the Hoarder = 100,000,000 armor during heavy battles really the most OP legendary item proc in the game?

    Click through for some recent discussion from Wyatt Cheng about how Grifts evolved into their “no items/gold” state, during the early internal testing.

    Nevalistis: What’s the most exciting thing about Greater Rifts?

    Wyatt: For me… the fact that we defer all the loot to the end of the rift. That was kind of surprising. We did that during internal play testing, and people would comment that they were trying to beat the 15m time limit, but they couldn’t resist going to pick up the loot. So we thought let’s try just not dropping any loot and seeing how that goes. We’ll take all the legendaries you might have gotten in that 15m time, and backload them to the Rift Boss drop.

    I actually find it a very refreshing way to play, where I just focus on clearing monsters and I get a huge payout at the end.

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