Gold Find Testing in Diablo 3 Beta

Kajan of Swedish D3 site SvenskaDiablo let us know that a user did extensive testing of the DiabloWikiGold Find modifier in the Diablo 3 Beta, and even made a movie (in English) to document his results.

It’s a nice presentation, but I have to cut to the chase. It turns out that Gold Find works… brace yourself for a shock… exactly as the % indicates that it would! I know, after years of D2’s dubious DiabloWikiLCS type maths, I was expecting a revelation of algebraic inaccuracy. But from his testing, 215% gold find does indeed triple (and a little more) the gold you find from monsters, chests, urns, etc. (I’ve never tested it that carefully in the beta, but at one point I played with around 90% GF, and it did seem like I was finding about double the normal gold.)

Of much more interest, to me at least, would be similarly-rigorous testing of DiabloWikiMagic Find. It would be much harder to do, since you can’t get a huge amount of Magic Find on the low level beta gear, and you can’t get consistent item drops the way you can gold. Plus, as items drop much less frequently than gold, it would take many more trials to get a sample size that wouldn’t be prejudiced by one especially lucky or unlucky game. But as the beta continues, I’m sure someone will delve into that.

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5 thoughts on “Gold Find Testing in Diablo 3 Beta

  1. I did extensive Magic Find testing before patch 5. My barb had +75% MF gear and located a MF shrine every time before he went searching for the Resplendant Chest in one of the crypts. I also did some Skeleton King runs with +100% MF active (shrined). I did get more blue, but never a rare item. The amount of +MF to get a rare item must be quite high. On the other hand, I found a rare item from a normal monster in the Weeping Hollow with my first brand-new char in patch 5.
    It should be noted that you probably need a *massive* amount of vitality and defense to surivive rare monster farming in “Inferno” mode, especially if you choose to play HC. How many +MF you can afford besides that needs thorough testing, though, once Diablo 3 is live.

    On a side note: You will probably need *oodles* of cash for repair costs when you enter “Inferno”, so it’s wise to keep all the +Gold Find gear until you are well enough equipped for that game mode.

  2. repair costs…..ugh.  i still remember my favorite find in d2 ever.  1% off perfect eth skulders.  ah memories.

  3. Just to clarify, I did that video. Kajan just used it for their article at 🙂

    No harm done. Just to let you know.

    And I do plan to do something similar to magic find.. although an actual formula might be hard to define.

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