Gold Drops on Higher Difficulties

Azzure at the Diablo3Markets website has been going boss-eyed staring at Diablo 3/Blizzcon videos again and just now he spotted something rather interesting to do with gold drops in Nightmare or possibly even hell. I won’t go into detail here but he gives a good run down with screengrabs and some theories in his post on Diablo3Markets.Com.

Incidentally, there is another post from the other day which I missed with the new Auction House images, plus commentary on the updates Blizzard just made to that system.

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  1. If gold drops are as crappy as he says they are in higher difficulties, why wouldn’t you just cruise through a low difficulty with a high level dude?  If the higher difficulties drop only a few more gold per stack, it would only make sense to go to an earlier spot in the game for gold (if that’s what you were going for).

    • Well, i doubt it will work that way. Even if a higher level ground might hav only a small difference in gold drop, the quality of item drop might differ. Whether you go sell it in AH, or u jus vendor semi-rares to npc, i can see them contributing much much more to ur wealth than gold drops, much like the many other games in this genre. Think about how many gold piles u need to pick up to equate to selling 1 blue wand in hell (D2). Same situation in titan quest etc.

  2. Finally, something that isn’t a huge spoiler on the front page!  😛

    It was hard to resist the several major spoilers, now on to normal news!

  3. did it not occur to anybody that gold drops might be beefed up for the beta? I mean so that way there is no shortage of gear? if there any evidence that disproves this please show (I’m not in the beta so)

  4. I actually think that what we saw in that footage is misleading and probably incomplete.  Even if gold drops are lower than expected, it seems that the gold value of even “common” items is fairly high.  Playing around with mooege, I remember seeing some white items that sold for around 200g, though perhaps I am just remembering it wrong…

    Regardless, some of the craftable items in Beta sell for a pretty high amount, and many of them are easy to create.

  5. I’m glad to see something surrounding the Testimonial to NightmareHell/Inferno hit the news, although not directly, I’m suprised people are still crying about difficulty (elsewhere) and even crying about having to clear Normal first ( Not that you know what lies in wait for you in Normal Act 2-4)
    From the Testimonial video it’s clear that it’s going to be extremely rewarding for strategical skill-based encounters, I just can’t wait for all the QQ for nerfs to come once people reach this stage
    As for the gold report, that content wasn’t even in Beta, It maybe hasnt even been properly tuned to drop the correct amount of gold?, it was just filmed behind the scenes at Blizzard, so any drop rates are really hard to take without a grain of salt, although it could be true, and I don’t mind if it is, looks awesome.
    Bring on the QQ for nerfs

  6. So they are pitching the gold AH as a viable option for people not into the RMAH, then sticking us with a 25% transaction fee?  I sense a mixed message here.  I think I’ll avoid both.

    • What’s wrong with 25% transaction fee? prevent players from grossly overpricing, it will be the players who define the worth of an item, another gold sink, unless you want to end up being gold capped like in Diablo 2 and for it to become meaningless?

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