Back in May we saw an article on Diablo 3 Easter Eggs from The Escapist, in which some Diablo 3 devs talked about their favorite Easter Eggs in the game, and named one they liked a lot that no one had ever found, or at least hadn’t publicized. Here’s the quote from that piece:

    I’m very happy to say that the last Easter Egg they shared with me has apparently not yet been discovered by the community. Or at least not publicized very well. These are a nod to yet another franchise, StarCraft. Somewhere in Act 1, there’s a goatmen event scene which features a slightly camouflaged, but still apparently visible Ultralisk skull. You’d think this would be fairly easy to spot, but apparently they blended it so well, that they have yet to see a picture of it show up online.

    You see the screenshot below, and that certainly looks like a Zerg skull in a Goatman area, stacked on the burial rack with their own mummified dead. It’s actually quite visible once you’re looking for it. Not so much in the game, though. I’ve run through that area in Act One dozens of times and never noticed it, though I’m sure I will from now on.

    Thanks to Charles for spotting this and sending in the screenshot. It’s a bit reminiscent of another Zerg corpse Easter Egg we saw back in August. The key to these, as with hiding things in real life, seems to be to aim high. People are good at spotting things on the ground or at their eye level, but stick something on a roof and there it will sit, unmolested, for years.

    Starcraft visits the Goatman drying rack.

    Starcraft visits the Goatman drying rack.

    Of course there is no “last” Diablo 3 Easter Egg since the devs are always sneaking in new ones, even if they’re just item names or lore descriptions or the like. The visual ones are fun though, and quite rare. I’ve done hundreds or Rifts but still never seen the Secret Infernal Bovine Rift leading up to the Lord of Bells, and no one I’ve asked (aside from TigerPaw who sent in the pics) has seen the new Development Hell in the Act Five cemetery. If they were too easy to find they wouldn’t be proper Easter Eggs, I guess?

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