GMOD Mod Manager Looking for Kickstarter Funding – Diablo 2 Support

If you’re a fan of game mods, especially Diablo 2, then this may interest you. A new tool call GMOD is looking to raise funds through Kickstarter and they are looking for $70,000 to complete the tool. There’s a wide variety of games they want to support including Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft so it could be a one-stop solution for multiple titles.

GMOD syncs up the latest versions of mods, there’s mod browsing and resources included to help develop your own mods.

Patrick Wyatt who was the former VP of R&D at Blizzard and the founder of ArenaNet is also the senior technology adviser for GMOD.


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  1. Nice idea. While I’m not sure if it’s that necessary for D2, it would be awesome for Minecraft. (Drag an drop = a plan)

  2. How will GMOD differ from the current mod manager for Diablo 2 and Nexus Mod Manager for the Bethesda games?

    question mainly for those that have access to the Beta

  3. Someone looking to get paid $70K to reinvent the wheel?… not that there is anything wrong with getting paid to develop and release a product.

    I think we will see more and more Kickstarter projects as time goes on. Have an idea? Think you can get it done in year by yourself or 4 months with a couple of friends? Enough to live on or supplement your income depending on the circumstances.

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