Bashiok took a break from his SC2 forum tasks to hit up a couple of D3 forum threads on Friday evening, with promising results. First up, a fan asked about the recent Tweet about dungeon entrances/exits glowing with spooky light, and asked for more details. To everyone’s surprise, Bashiok provided them.

    To explain, it’s the effect that when you mouse over a dungeon entrance or exit, it lights up (or in some way indicates it’s a clickable entry/exit).

    It’s one of those things you don’t really think about, and only realize how much it adds after it’s implemented. Plus the ones we have are just sweet looking.

    This is sort of game-designery geekiness at work; reveling in our own creation.

    Elsewhere, a fan made a creative character appearance suggestion, which Bashiok liked, but rejected for logistical issues.

    I think it would be a pretty interesting idea for the skill points that the player has invested in to have an affect on the players looks. Lets say for instance, in Diablo 2, The sorceress puts points into mostly cold skill,s so the character takes on a blueish, more frozen look. The barbarian puts skills into stone skin, and his skin literally starts to look like stone.

    I feel like this would be awesome, to see a character and have a general idea of their build based of how they look. This also gives depth into customization. You feel like you are actually developing your character, with the subtle changes to their appearance.

    Witch doctor could turn slightly green from poison skills. Wizards hair stands on end a little and flickers with energy from his lightning spells.

    Bashiok: We do have skills that affect the way the player looks, as well as changes based on buffs, or if they’re under the effect of a certain spell/poison/debuffs, what have you. Because of all of these things it’s really important that these effects are very apparent, as well as easily distinguished, as they’re important to gameplay.

    It’s obviously a really cool idea, but any visual changes to the look of the character could impair the ability for the player to quickly ascertain the visual cues being given to them. It’s something we have to be extremely mindful of.

    As Bashiok points out, since lots of short term spells and other effects change the look of the character, it would be confusing if they were just gradually changing over time due to skill point allocation. Also, what would happen with mixed skill focus, or if you had a fire-themed armor on your Lightning Wizard, etc? That said, how do you guys feel about your character changing appearance? This happened occasionally in D2; the Druid’s fur-forms obviously, but also from the Vampire and Bone Fetish transforming items—was that cool?

    Would you like skills or items to completely change your D3 character’s appearance all the time? Say you became an icicle while casting DiabloWikiBlizzard, or looked like a rhinoceros with DiabloWikiFurious Charge, or other more subtle effects. Would that be nifty? Or do you want your character to look like a human in armor, and limit the special effects to the skills you use, rather than the character using them?

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