Global Play is Live

With all regions now enjoying the game Blizzard pointed out that Global Play is now live for everyone making it easier to hook up with international buddies.

Global Play is now available! To access other game regions via Global Play:

  • At the Diablo III login screen, click on “Options”
  • Select the “Account” tab
  • From the drop-down, choose which region you want to play in and click “Accept”

You will be able to choose from the following regions:

  • The Americas (North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia)
  • Europe (European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates)
  • Asia (South Korea and the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau)

Please note that characters, items, and friends lists do not transfer across regions. Playing on a different region’s servers means you’ll be creating characters and friends lists specifically for that region, and you’ll be accessing the gold-based auction house for that region.

To learn more about Global Play in Diablo III, see the FAQ.

If you receive an error the first time logging into a different region, log out out of Diablo III, exit the client, and then log back in. This should resolve any login errors related to Global Play.

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    3 thoughts on “Global Play is Live

    1. Please note that characters, items, and friends lists do not transfer across regions

      So, it’s not global play.


      Me and my wife both logged in today (let some time for servers to calm down, so after US launch) and played to level 8 and 13 respectively.
      And then we find out we play on Americas!!! Why the crickety block, splatbrick my rocking smack, does En-GB client default to Americas region????? We are in GMT+6, far enough from Europe as it is, let alone US…

      While I am very happy with everything, and even not upset with server overload and an occaional lag, but this is too much. I desperately need to curse someone and send thwacking himself. I am at a loss of even how to epress my desire in English.

      P.S.: At least I have Day9 to thank for teaching me to swear in rhythmically-similar polite words.

    3. I had lvl 19 baba and i think its now on USA region ffs, worst fn launch ever. First the installer is a total joke now friends list is gone and so are all items, chars, auctions etc…
      GJ Blizz!

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