Blizzard added some info about launch times, global play, and picking your correct home region in a series of forum posts today.

    As DiabloWikiGlobal Play will be disabled until after the game launches in each region, it’s important that you choose your account’s correct region when attempting to play the game. If you do not select your correct region, your login attempt will be denied, and you will not be able to connect.

    To choose your correct region:

    • At the log in screen click on Options
    • Choose the Account tab
    • Select your correct region in the Region drop down

    Ensuring your correct region is selected, attempt logging in again, and watch the breaking news window for additional service information.

    US is last to launch, yes? So at 3am EST I can go euro server if I want?
    You’ll be able to when we enable Global Play, which will be some time after The Americas launch. We want to ensure some amount of service stability before we turn it on. We’ll post an announcement once it’s available.

    All regions are launching at the exact same time. So whatever 3am EST is in say whatever they deem the Eurozone will launch at that time, same with Asia.
    Each region is launching in their own determined ‘midnight’ launch time. So for example, the Korea/Taiwan midnight launch is at 8:00 a.m. PDT, and EU is at (I believe) 3:00 p.m. PDT.

    bashiok… i love you guys and all, but… isn’t the whole global play thing a REALLY bad idea. Everyone is just going to jump over to the NA server as soon as it’s live so they can try to play with all their awesome beta tester friends again(and for other obvious reasons). And the NA server is going to crash…

    Please tell me that they will limit the numbers of people flooding into the NA servers…
    Because you can’t use the RMAH outside of your home region, not to mention the potential for more latency, we’re not too concerned with a ton of people rushing other regions. If it happens though, and it’s causing stability issues, we can limit the number of people we allow on.

    Basically he’s saying to Americas players, “If everyone from around the world, who have been able to play for 9 and 18 hours longer than you, come and flood your server, we’ll limit the logins, which means you might not be able to play at all!” Well, that’s reassuring. Nice to know their contingency plans hold us in such gentle hands.

    Note again that the 3 regions get very different launch times. Standardized to PDT (Blizzard time) it’s Asia @ 8am, EU @ 3pm, and US @ 11:59pm. Thus people in Asia will have had ~16 hours and people in Europe will have had ~9 hours to play by the time “The Americas” server goes up. We’ll be posting news (I’m certainly curious to hear how smoothly the B.net launch goes in other regions) and hosting live streams in posts that day, and we’ll keep it behind spoiler tags, but if you want to save surprises for yourself when you finally get to play, be careful what links you click and what videos you view, starting Monday.

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